Sharing a great moment with friends is happiness!

I am travelling a lot and I have lived in a number of different countries. I like that; the feeling of getting into a new place, discovering hidden places and experiencing new customs and cultures. However, for me, nothing goes above sharing those moments with friends. Still today, I remember situations and moments I have experienced with friends which still makes me laugh even years later. This is real happiness to me.

Thus, I enjoy blocking some time a year to meet up with friends to keep on generating those great moments in life. Since most of my friends are living abroad, it always includes quite some planning and travelling to meet up. So that is why when we decide on a location, it doesn’t matter too much WHERE we meet but rather THAT we are meeting! Discovering new places and creating shared experiences with people I care about, makes me happy!

That is where TroopTravel comes into the picture. TroopTravel optimizes and facilitates bringing people together who are based in different locations. That can be your friends from school or university, your connections you build while travelling or living abroad, it can be your long-distance relationship which as well is quite common in our times or even your family which moved around for work reasons.

So if it makes me happy to meet my friends from abroad and TroopTravel helps me to meet my best friends easier and more often (due to reduced travel costs) then TroopTravel increases happiness!

Does this make sense? 🙂