TroopTravel raises 230,000 EUR in Angel Investments

Today our blog post is less about virtual companies, corporate group travel case studies or how we redefine the way we travel. It is about an important milestone we have achieved as a young startup: TroopTravel has raised 230,000 EUR of angel investment!

How does angel investment impact us?

Angel investment is an important component of many startups. It allows the founders to fully focus on finding the right business model while temporarily removing the financial pressure of an early-stage startup. The early stages of many startups and as well our own experience has been turning an initial idea through testing and pivoting into a concept which creates traction.

We started working on the initial idea of TroopTravel – Where do we meet? in May 2016. About one year later, the concept was ready, the first algorithms built and it was time to found the company. From then, our angel investors came on board. Their support and trust was fundamental to reach where we are right now and where we are going in 2018. This year started well with being a finalist of the Disrupt Award at the Business Travel Show in London this month. There are many more exciting things to come soon!

Our Angel Investors are distributed over Europe and Africa

In addition, to our multi-location founding team being based in Villanueva del Pardillo (Spain) and Centurion (South Africa) we extended our geographical outreach through our angel investors.

Our Angel Investor Group is made up of six professionals with experience and knowledge in key areas relevant for TroopTravel such as travel, product development, marketing, investments and strategy. They are based over the following locations:

  • Cape Town / South Africa
  • Dusseldorf / Germany
  • Hamburg / Germany
  • Johannesburg / South Africa
  • Madrid / Spain
  • Nairobi / Kenya

This makes us a truly global startup with founder, advisers and investors located over many different locations and a perfect user of our own product!

TroopTravel's Angel Investors are distributed over Europe and Africa

What is next?

There is not much for celebration because we have two important conferences coming up, which are as well part of our Top 2018 conferences for startups and travel:

In addition, we are releasing new components of our group meeting platform very soon! You can sign up to our release here!

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