Travel with Friends

Travel with friends can be an amazing experience or a total disappointment. It all depends a bit on how well you know each other already. There are several aspects one should consider when planning to travel with friends.

The expectations are high for travel with friends

If it is your first travel you do with friends, the biggest challenge might be that the expectations of the group members are very high. You are (at least good) friends, so the experience must be epic! However, the question you should ask yourself is, how well do you know this person actually? Have you ever spend 24 hours or more in a row with him or her?

When you travel with an acquaintance, you are aware that you hardly know that person. Thus, your expectations are automatically limited. You are ready to accept that maybe both of you have different interests. Travel with friends is like traveling with your partner. For many relationships the first trip together is a milestone for the relationship. Both will pay a lot of attention to see whether spending several days having been together continuously was a pleasant experience. First holidays of new relationships can make or break them. The key difference to travel with friends here is that normally for a couple it reaches faster the moment of the first joint trip than for friends. You can be a good friend for years with someone without having ever spent a full day and night together. Thus, the expectation is that “I know this person since many years, so I know that we have the same interests in travel as well”. But do you really know?

We wrote already about how important it is for our happiness to maintain good (meaningful) relationships. Thus, travel with friends is a great way to foster relationships. Even when your friends are living in other locations, it is no problem anymore to easily come together. It can actually be cheaper all traveling to a different location than one of the friends visiting the other. So the focus of travel with friends which are based in different locations has changed from a location focus to quality-time focus.

Good reasons to travel with friends

If you consider organizing a trip with your friends, look at these good reasons to do so:

  • Creating stories – the main reason (at least for me) is that you are creating stories with other persons which you can relive many many times even after the trip is over. You are creating this link of great or fun moments with other people. Even if in the future you are not friends anymore with that specific person, those great experiences you encountered during your trip will be forever linked to a specific group of people.
  • Safe environment – Travel with friends creates somehow a safer environment than when travelling alone. Maybe something especially to consider for female travelers. Many female travelers feel safer when traveling with a friends.
  • Out of the comfort zone – At the same time, group travel creates safety, it pushes you as well out of your comfort zone. In the end, you are more than one person with more than one set of interests. Traveling with a friend will allow you to do things you would not necessarily do when you are alone.
  • Pictures of you – You will have finally pictures with yourself in as well. No more selfies where your head is covering the main attraction you want to take a picture of. When traveling with a friend you can finally get a picture of you for example with a pyramid where you can actually see the whole thing.
  • Cheaper travel – Let’s face it, traveling with more people reduces the cost of traveling. Shared hotel rooms will be cheaper per head than when traveling alone.
  • The fun is longer than the travel – When traveling with more people, you will enjoy much more moments than the trip alone. The planning of a trip already can become a lot of fun. Building the plan of what to visit and where will give you a lot of discussions and laughs (hopefully).

There are many more reasons of why you should travel more with friends! So let’s start your next trip now. Go to TroopTravel and get some inspirations!

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