Travel Managers and Group Travel

TroopTravel is participating at the Business Travel Show in London next week. We are among 5 selected startups who pitch to up to 7,500 travel managers and industry professionals to be crowned with the Disrupt Award. This conference is the leading industry event for travel managers to learn more about new technologies and services being available to facilitate corporate travel. Today we want to talk about the impact of technology on the work of a travel manager.

Technology has massively impacted the expectation of the business traveler and the work of the travel manager

Leisure travel has always been the front-runner when it comes to new technologies and innovation. Business travel has always been lacking behind. With the improvements in technology and the global connectivity, expectations from business travelers towards corporate travel have increased. While in the past, business travelers used to be out of touch when traveling overseas, today, with light and powerful laptops, handhelds and smartphones and the access to internet on planes, business travelers are connected 24/7.

When you look at the relationship between the business traveler and the travel manager, it is kind of a difficult one. On the one hand, business travelers are looking for service, personalization, comfort and everything which will increase the experience of a trip while the key driver of the travel manager is to increase efficiency in terms of time and cost. Improve service standards normally come at a higher cost which goes pretty much against what the travel manager is interested in.

While in the past, a key task of the travel manager was to find solutions for complex itineraries, today plenty of online services can build you any trip to anywhere. The focus of the travel manager today is to increase compliance with corporate policies and standards, increase productivity by finding efficient travel combinations and to increase employee engagement by taking personal preferences into account when traveling and beyond. The importance of each of these elements can differ within industries and ranks within a company.

Getting many personal preferences under one umbrella

The relationship between travel managers and group travel can be called as complicated. While it is already a huge task to keep compliance, productivity and personal preference for one traveler in mind, imagine the challenge of organizing a trip for 10, 50 or 100s of travelers. There, the situation is like it was with business travel years ago: the focus is of making the trip actually happen. Bringing 50 people together from different locations is a massive logistical task. The travel manager is handling a huge number of individual itineraries and the probability that one little detail in this huge puzzle of information is wrong, is quite high.  Corporate Group Travel is actually a separate industry. Companies are offering services to travel managers to help them with the task of bringing many people together in the same location at the same time.

With the changes in how we work and expectations towards work and travel by the Generation Z, the task of organizing corporate group travel will become more for travel managers in the future. If you have more people working remotely, more often they will come together for face-to-face meetings. Thus, more corporate group travels will be booked and especially multi-origin ones where travelers are coming together starting from different locations.

That is where TroopTravel – Where do we meet? can help. We use big data to plan face-to-face meetings especially for multi-origin groups. Our corporate platform allows travel managers to manage multi-origin group travel within one system. Travelers and travel managers can collaborate on selection of locations and travel details while the big data analysis ensures optimization and compliance.

The tasks of the corporate travel manager has changed from making complicated trips possible to being the puppet master who connects all dots and manages expectations from the traveler, the company and society.

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