Travel Communities you should join as a Startup

Travel communities are online groups of people which share the same passion: Travel. Online communities are a great place to engage with like-minded people. If you are a startup, there are several reasons why you want to be part of certain communities.

Reasons to be part of travel communities

  • Direct access to your customers: If you focus on providing services to a special interest group, being part of a community will give you a direct interaction with your potential clients. You can test products, new features or even new business concepts with them. Just be aware that if they don’t like it, the reaction will be direct.
  • Get a feel about new trends: Being on top of your travel communities will help you to get a feeling about what the travel world is thinking about. Maybe there are some new locations people are discussing or new lifestyles like digital nomads.
  • Early adapters: You have an idea but you don’t know yet the details of it? You can ask the community for inputs. Ask for help. Many people will test your product, give suggestions on enhancements, etc. You can even go to extreme cases where the community helps you building the product from the first line of code.
  • Debugging: As well when you have a ready product, you may want to engage the community and ask for any bugs they can find.

Good travel communities to be part of

In the travel tech industry, there are plenty of groups which discuss topics around travel. The following ones have helped us a lot in building, improving and modifying our service offering:

  • TravelMassive: The world largest community of travel industry insiders, leaders, and innovators. Very crucial when you are interested in connecting to other stakeholders of the travel communities. Great for getting feedback on travel insights. Connect with us here.
  • Reddit: The 23rd most popular webpage in the whole world. A huge community about all kind of interests. Good travel communities on Reddit are for example Travel – Shoestring and Digital Nomads.
  • Facebook: No need to say that being on Facebook is a must for any company. Good travel communities which work for us are Digital Nomads around the world¬†and coworking worldwide.
  • Linkedin: Linked just like Facebook a key tool for startups. We use it to reach out to relevant stakeholders within the travel communities.

Being active and engaged within the travel communities and showing trust and respect while not trying to sell something can be extremely valuable for the development of your products. The communities are very open to help if they feel that you are making their life better. If you they think that you actually don’t care about them but only want to promote your product, they can be quickly turning into a negative force for your endeavor.

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