Top Travel Trends 2018

The year 2017 is almost over and it is time to look at the top travel trends 2018. TroopTravel creates its own list of emerging trends for the next year which we are sharing here:

Top Travel Trends 2018

Off-the-beaten Track: One of the main top travel trends for 2018 is the continuation of traveling off the beaten track. Travelers are getting more and more informed about where to travel and what to see. While traveling 20 years ago was somehow about trying to have the culture shock as little as possible. Nowadays, travelers are searching for the last untouched places around the world. Technology and globalization has helped to educate the traveler on what is out there and actually as well on softening the culture shock. In the past, travel decisions where based on brochures and information provided by travel agencies while today the traveler is fully aware about what is happening around the world. The push towards more off-the-beaten track travel is changing the way hotels and travel operators are offering their services.

Off-season travel / price awareness: Another important element of the top travel trends for 2018 is the increasing price awareness. That does not necessarily mean that travelers have less money available. It just shows the shift towards being an informed traveler who is in control of the decisions. With thousand of different online tools available, travelers can save a lot of money on different aspects of travel. When sitting in an airplane, there is quite a big probability that almost every travel paid a different price for the same service. A very simple and easy way to lower costs is to travel in off-season.

Active travel: Another important aspect of the top travel trends for 2018 is the increasing awareness of your own body. This change in lifestyle which many societies are experiencing over the last years – people are aware of what is good and what is bad for your body. Thus, this new style of living has an impact on traveling as well. People want to be active while traveling.

Authenticity: Maybe a bit linked to the off-the-beaten track tendency, the importance of authenticity becomes key. We talked about it earlier that in the past, going to an exotic restaurant has been like traveling. With the globalization, cultures moved closer to each other. Thus, people are more culturally aware and expect now to grow their awareness about a specific culture while they are traveling to that country. When traveling to India, you want to experience the real Indian cuisine and markets. It is not enough to eat the western version of Chicken Masala or visiting the tourist market which has nothing to do with the real experience.

Ecotourism: With all the worrying news about the environment, the modern traveler is much more environmentally aware as ever before. Why do airlines show you the amount of CO2 pollution for individual flights? A key development of the top travel trends 2018 is the continuous interest in ecotourism and environmental awareness.

Those are the key trends for 2018 in our opinion. Some additional inputs can be find here and here.


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