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TroopTravel is a startup founded in Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid), Spain with operations in Pretoria, South Africa. We are a virtual startup with its founders distributed over different locations. Like many other startups, we are interested in joining accelerators or incubators. Thus, we came across the question of which are the top startup programs in Spain?

The Crisis made Spain more entrepreneurial

In 2008. a massive economic crisis started to begin in Spain. Also knows as the Great Spanish Depression, it changed the country and society massively. Many people lost their jobs and many young people coming from school and university could not find employment. Thus, many people left the country to look for a better life in other countries in Europe or even further.

Many of those who stayed were forced into freelance work and creating their own economic value. This might be the reason, why ten years after the economic crisis started, Spain is today one of the mayor startup hubs in Europe. Both, Barcelona and Madrid have been ranked among the top European startup hubs. In addition, Spain is the host of a number of important startup conferences.

Some of the Top Startup Programs in Spain started just when the crisis began

As a countermeasure to the economic crisis, little by little startup programs and incubators started in Spain. Seedrocket, for example started as soon as in 2008. Today there are about 100 different programs. Here our personal Top Startup Programs in Spain

Seedrocket – Seedrocket started in 2008 as a direct response to the crisis. It follows a proven concept from US and UK. They provide direct support to startups via mentoring, networking and investments. So far, they have helped around 300 startups in different phases and they had 14 successful exists.

Conector – Conector is an accelerator program for technology startups which are ready to go to market. They provide strategic partners, mentoring, an entrepreneurial ecosystem and investments. They just launched a travel tech accelerator program in Spain.

Wayra – Wayra is the accelerator program of the biggest telecommunication provider in Spain, Telefonica. They are focusing on tech-digital entrepreneurship since 2014. They specifically try to bring mayor big companies, investors and startups together. So far, they have supported more than 1,700 startups.

Lanzadera – Lanzadera is a private incubator funded by the owner of Mercadona, a big Spanish retailer. They offer as well mentoring, learning and investments. So far, 174 startups have been accelerated through this program.

Plug and Play – Plug and Play is one of the biggest startup accelerators in the world. They started its operation in 2012. They are looking specifically to invest in young Spanish technology companies. So far they have invested in 46 startups where 3 of them have been acquired later one by industry leaders.

This Top Startup Programs in Spain cover only a fraction of all the great programs you can find here. The great news for Spanish startups is that there is massive support for any-stage startup available. And in addition, you don’t have to be in Madrid or Barcelona to have access to them. There are great programs like Lazarus which are based in Toledo and are helping Spanish startups specifically at the idea and pivoting phase.

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