Top Startup Conferences in 2018

Top Startup Conferences is what this list is all about! Yesterday we talked about the top travel conferences for 2018. Today we want to share our Top Startup Conferences 2018 calendar. The conferences listed here are key industry events and TroopTravel will for sure participate in a number of them. So let’s see whether we will meet during one of those events!

Top Startup Conferences 2018


  • CES: 9-12th January in Las Vegas, NV / US: with more than 184,000 attendees a global stage for innovation.


  • TechChill: 8-9th February in Riga / Latvia: The leading event in the Baltics that bring together founders, entrepreneurs, VCs and other stakeholders of teh ecosystem.
  • Startup Grind: 12-14th February in Silicon Valley, CA / US: Frames itself as the most inspirational conference around the globe for entrepreneurs. More than 5,000 founders and investors are coming together.
  • Mobile World Congress (MWC): 26th February – 1st March in Barcelona / Spain: The world’s largest gathering of mobile industry. It extends far beyond mobile only and it includes AI, Iot, hardware, etc.
  • 4 years from now (4YFN): 26-28th February in Barcelona / Spain: 4 years from now is the startup business platform of the Mobile World Capital Congress that enables startup, investors and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together.
  • Social Media Marketing World: 28th February – 2nd March in San Diego, CA / US: bringing together the best social media marketing experts and techniques from around the world.


  • South by Southwest (SxSW): 9-18th March in Austin, TX / US: Bringing together the worlds of film, culture, music and technology.
  • Step Conference: 28-29th March in Dubai / UAE: The Middle East largest tech, digital and music conference & festival


  • Launch Festival: 6-7th April in San Francisco, CA / US: Organized like a festival and one of the largest startup events with more than 12,000 founders from around the world
  • EyeforTravel San Francisco Digital Summit Startup Awards: 9-10th April in San Francisco / US: Hosting over 300+ senior travel executives, this event is the West Coast’s largest digital travel conference covering travel technology, mobile, marketing, and data.
  • Wolves Summit: 10-11th April in Warsaw / Poland: For the 7th time already startups, VCs, corporates and business representatives are coming together to become the most important networking event in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Startup Ole: 17-19th April in Salamanca / Spain: A benchmark event for the international tech-entrepreneurial ecosystem to build meaningful connections.
  • Resonate: 19-22nd April in Belgrade / Serbia: Combing the fields of music, visual arts and digital culture.
  • Collision Conference: 30th April – 3rd May in New Orleans / US: Promoted as the fastest growing tech conference in America, it brings together more than 25,000 attendees. It is created by the organizers of Web Summit.


  • Arabnet Digital Summit: 16-17th May in Dubai / UAE: 1 Summit – 4 forums. All about digital commerce, smart economy, adtech and innovation & investment.
  • InfoShare: 22-23rd May in Gdansk / Poland: The biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 6000 attendees and 250 startups.
  • The next Web (TNW): 24-25th in Amsterdam / Netherlands: With more than 12,500 attendees it established itself as a leading technology event.
  • Latitude 59: 24-25th May in Tallinn / Estonia: A flagship event of the world’s first digital society bringing together entrepreneurial minds, inspiring leadership, lean companies and pro-active governments.
  • Pioneers: 24-25th May in Vienna / Austria: 2,500 tech founders, innovation executives and investors are coming together to shape the future.
  • Viva technology: 24-26th May in Paris / France: A world rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation together
  • Arctic15: 30-31st May in Helsinki / Finland: The most effective matchmaking startup event in the Nordics and Baltics with focus on making deals and quality networking.


  • Techsylvania: 9-12th June in Cluj / Romania: Techsylvania is the leading technology event in Eastern Europe. It brings Tech experts, Investors and leading startups together.
  • CeBIT: 11-15th June in Hannover / Germany: CeBIT is considered as Europe’s business festival for innovation and digitalization with a strong focus on startups and new developments.
  • Future of Fintech: 19 -21st June in New York, NY / US: With a specific focus on fintech, it is an exclusive gathering of the world’s largest financial institutions and key stakeholders from the Fintech Startup ecosystem.


  • Rise: 9 – 12th July in Hong Kong / China: An fast growing tech conference from the creators of Web Summit with focus on Asia.
  • Startup Fest: 10-14th July in Montreal / Canada: A global gathering of world’s best entrepreneurs, founders, investors and mentors.


  • Navimotive: 15th September in Kyiv / Ukraine: First Eastern European technology conference for automotive startups focused on automotive software, navigation, and location-based services. The goal of Navimotive is to exchange knowledge on the hottest trends in location-based services (LBS) and the automotive industry. To achieve this goal, we invite speakers and software developers who are ready to take the next step toward the autonomous future.
  • IT Arena: 28th September – 30th September in Lviv / Ukraine: The biggest IT event in Eastern Europe. The three-day conference, conducted exclusively in English, brings together more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, business analysts, and designers every year.
  • Bits and Pretzels: 30th September – 2nd October in Munich / Germany: A 3 days founders festival that connects 5,000 startup enthusiasts to create a unique networking around the Okotberfest.


  • SaaStock: 15th – 17th October in Dublin / Ireland: A gathering of global SaaS companies in Europe with more than 1,400 participants.
  • Inc 5000: 17-19th October in San Antonio, TX / US: Bringing together the most successful companies around the world to share insights into the future.
  • South Summit: October in Madrid / Spain: The leading tech conference for the spanish speaking world and far beyond with more than 13,000 participants coming together.


  • Web Summit: 5-8th November in Lisbon / Portugal: The largest tech conference in the world with more than 60,000 attendees which connects the technology community with all industries.


  • Slush: 4-5th December in Helsinki / Finland: Slush brings together the leading actors of the global tech scene. Described by many as the burning man meets TED.

A busy calendar of Top Startup Conferences 2018. Pick the right one for your needs and don’t forget: If you want to grow your business, start with the entrepreneur!

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