Top Startup Books

We have created our top startup books list which worked for us. These books come from recommendations of successful entrepreneurs and our own research. In addition, we have added resources which have been helpful for us in our entrepreneurial journey. E.g. How do you build an investors pitch? These books and tools have helped us from idea creation to participating at Websummit and beyond.

Top Startup Books List


We pay a lot of attention to the inspirational part of the building a startup. Why do you actually want to build a company? How can you inspire others? The following books are our Top Startup Books for Inspiration.

In addition, we strongly recommend the following video:

How to Start?

The following books have been very important and helpful from the beginning. They are a collection of practical tools which help you to get your thoughts organized, your business model validated and your spending low.

The following resources have been helpful for us as well:


The following books are our top startup books for operational questions.

Social Marketing

A key resource for our social marketing is the following book:

In addition, the following blog post has given us a lot of additional ideas:

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