Top Blockchain Conferences in 2018

Following our successful list on Top Travel Conferences 2018 and Top Startup Conferences 2018Top Marketing Conferences 2018 and Top Accounting Conferences 2018, it is time to launch our new list: Top Blockchain Conferences in 2018!

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Top Blockchain Conferences 2018

Top Blockchain Conferences – MAY

  • Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit
    3-May-2018 to 6-May-2018
    Dubai / United Arab Emirates
    Futurama is an exclusive, three-day immersive experience. Come network with leading crypto-thinkers, and entrepreneurs in the consensus distributed and blockchain technologies. Tickets are limited.
    7-May-2018 to 7-May-2018
    Lagos / Nigeria
    In 2015, we launched the first Blockchain Conference in London. Our aim was to bring senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and start-ups into a room and discuss Blockchain/DLT beyond Bitcoin. Shortly after that, we took the show on the road to New York, Hong Kong, Dublin, Amsterdam, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Tel Aviv. This is the first of our series in Africa.
    7-May-2018 to 8-May-2018
    Dubai / United Arab Emirates
    The Global Blockchain Conference is a gathering of experts from around the world sharing knowledge, tips, trends and insights about Blockchain, a breakthrough technology that enables the trusted digital registration & exchange of just about anything. It will be a chance for the newcomer to learn the history and basics of this emerging technology, and for the familiar to learn more about its current and future applications. Money, music, health records, car titles, certificates, company ownership, deeds, & digital identities are just a few options. The format will be less traditional than a typical conference. There will be large group presentations, small group lectures, lightning round discussions as well as time to interact with others in the field.
  • The Payments Canada Summit
    9-May-2018 to 11-May-2018
    Toronto / Canada
    The SUMMIT is known for its in-depth content. To support transformational change in the payments ecosystem, speakers will discuss the compelling issues our industry is facing,
  • Ethereal Summit 2018
    11-May-2018 to 12-May-2018
    New York / UNITED STATES
    Ethereal Summit brings together adventurous thinkers from all walks of life. Builders, philosophers, policymakers, artists, and humanitarians from around the world gather for two days of storytelling and knowledge sharing around how we can build our decentralized future together using blockchain technology.
    13-May-2018 to 13-May-2018
  • Consensus 2018
    14-May-2018 to 16-May-2018
    New York / UNITED STATES
    CoinDesk is proud to present our 4th annual blockchain technology summit, May 14-16, 2018 at the New York Hilton Midtown. Consensus 2018 will feature 250+ speakers and 4,000+ attendees from the leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic and policy groups who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy.
  • Token Summit III
    16-May-2018 to 17-May-2018
    New York / UNITED STATES
    Token Summit III New York is the 3rd event in the Token Summit series, the first conference that explored in-depth the Token-Based Economy in May 2017. In New York again in May 2018, we will continue to discuss the economics, regulation and best practices around blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets. Specifically, our focus is on Designing Token-Based Economies, and succeeding at creating value for users. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, finance professional, lawyer, fund manager, regulator, or business executive, you should start paying attention to the emerging token-based economy, one that might rival the web in terms of potential innovation, new business models and entrepreneurial ideas that are yet to be deployed. Join us at this exclusive, intellectually-driven gathering, grouping the best minds in this space. Token Summit is the real insiders summit, and is brought to you by William Mougayar and Nick Tomaino.
  • ABC Summit
    16-May-2018 to 17-May-2018
    Lisbon / Portugal
    Topics include: Social media and the rise of Blockchain | Blockchain and Economic Development: Hype vs. Reality | Ensuring a Secure Internet of the Future | Blockchain for Digital Advertising | How can AI be used in a blockchain? | Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) | Asset backed cryptos /Wind backed cryptos | Tokens and valuation | How to fix scalability and high volatility issue on Blockchain | Are the glory days of banks ending with blockchain?
  • Blockshow Europe 2018
    28-May-2018 to 29-May-2018
    Berlin / Germany
    Just like that last time in Munich, the goal of BlockShow Europe 2018 stays the same: to bring together the global Blockchain community, as well as to demonstrate multiple new cases for implementation and enhancement of the Blockchain technology. Our conference is designed to provide an exclusive look into exciting projects and initiatives, as well as to keep introducing Blockchain to the World.
  • Fintech World Forum 2018
    30-May-2018 to 31-May-2018
    London / United Kingdom
    Latest keynotes at FinTech World Forum 2018. Stay tuned! More keynotes to include Morgan Stanley, IBM, SorarisBank, Barclaycard and many more!
  • Unchain
    31-May-2018 to 1-Jun-2018
    Hamburg / Germany
    UNCHAIN’s main goal is to connect the Bitcoin and Blockchain community with leading German companies from all industries. We believe that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology will affect every aspect of the economy in an unpredictable and disruptive way – so better introduce you to the new New Economy now!

Top Blockchain Conferences – JUNE

  • Money 20/20 Europe
    4-Jun-2018 to 6-Jun-2018
    Amsterdam / Netherlands
    On June 4-6, over 350 industry leaders will take to the stage at Money20/20 Europe to share their predictions for the future of finance. In the mind-blowing AI Deep Dive, Steve Wozniak, legendary co-founder of Apple, will reveal his expert insights on the latest innovations in artificial intelligence.
    7-Jun-2018 to 7-Jun-2018
    Bristol / United Kingdom
    Supported by over 300,000 professionals across all major social channels, BLOCKERCON at SavedByTech will connect and inspire a global community of technologists, entrepreneurs and investors. SavedByTech 2018 will be two days of engaging presentations, networking and business opportunity, with select content projected to our wider digital audience.
  • MoneyConf
    11-Jun-2018 to 13-Jun-2018
    Dublin / Ireland
    Every year since 2015, the world’s leading bitcoin, cryptocurrency and fintech experts have gathered at MoneyConf. MoneyConf is organised by the team behind the world’s largest tech conference, Web Summit. Over two days, 5,000 attendees from over 60 countries will network and learn from the industry’s leading lights. Expect insightful keynotes, hands-on workshops and incredible evening networking.
    14-Jun-2018 to 14-Jun-2018
    Toronto / Canada
    The Blockchain in Healthcare conference will enable healthcare professionals to understand how blockchain technology such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed databases, and public ledgers are, and will continue to transform their sector.
  • BAIConf
    18-Jun-2018 to 19-Jun-2018
    London / United Kingdom
    The first blockchain investment conference in the world limited exclusively to sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, hedge funds, private banks, family offices, high net worth / ultra high net worth individuals, and accredited individuals.
  • Battle of the Quants Worldwide
    19-Jun-2018 to 20-Jun-2018
    New York / UNITED STATES
    Recognizing a lack of conferences focusing exclusively on the growing quantitative hedge fund community, hedge fund visionary Bartt C. Kellermann’s Global Capital Acquisition created Battle of the Quants in 2006. Together with Academia, Asset Allocators and Quantitative focused hedge funds, the conference combines the various quant disciplines in one location to explore and discuss the critical issues confronting the quantitative approach to finance.
  • Blockchain for Finance Conference, APAC
    20-Jun-2018 to 21-Jun-2018
    Singapore / Singapore
    Hear from C-Level speakers representing the most influential financial institutions, IT and blockchain specialists as they share their insight on utilising blockchain and DLT to transform the landscape of FS
  • Crypto Valley Conference
    20-Jun-2018 to 22-Jun-2018
    Zug / Switzerland
    The conference covers topics ranging from technology, economy & finance to law & regulations.
  • World Blockchain Summit Frankfurt
    25-Jun-2018 to 26-Jun-2018
    Frankfurt / Germany
    Frankfurt’s edition of World Blockchain Summit aims to connect global blockchain experts and technology players in this space including emerging start-ups along with regional businesses and IT leaders from across key industry verticals.
  • Empire Startups Fintech Conference
    27-Jun-2018 to 27-Jun-2018
    Toronto / Canada

Top Blockchain Conferences – JULY

  • London Fintech Week
    6-Jul-2018 to 13-Jul-2018
    London / United Kingdom
    Our aim once again is to unite the world of Fintech in the world’s financial capital to enhance the dialog between established multi-nationals, innovation firms, disruptive start-ups, governments, media and investors. See the 2017 overview including sponsors, speakers and exhibitors.
    11-Jul-2018 to 13-Jul-2018
    Atlantic City / UNITED STATES
    Largest EVER crypto event in North America 50,000 sq ft of Exhibit space, 120 plus exhibitors, 5,000 plus attendees, dozens of top speakers, live stream to more than 25,000 viewers globally.
  • BlockBeats 2018
    19-Jul-2018 to 20-Jul-2018
    Munich / Germany
    BlockBeats is a unique Blockchain conference that brings together the leading industry experts, introduces latest business cases and is a networking platform for entrepreneurs, startups, students as well as investors and business.
  • World Blockchain Summit Singapore
    19-Jul-2018 to 20-Jul-2018
    Singapore / Singapore
    This year, the World Blockchain Summit is set to take centre stage in Singapore and aims to connect global blockchain gurus, technology innovators, investors and startups in this space – with regional business and IT leaders from across key industry verticals to debate on the nature of blockchain and its many potential to improve efficiency in every business process.
    26-Jul-2018 to 27-Jul-2018
    Washington / United States
    In 2015, we launched the first Blockchain Conference in London. Our aim was to bring senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and start-ups into a room and discuss Blockchain/DLT beyond Bitcoin. Shortly after that, we took the show on the road to New York, Hong Kong, Dublin, Amsterdam, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Things have come a long way since and we continue to bring the most up to date information directly from the people making it happen.
    31-Jul-2018 to 1-Aug-2018
    New York / United States
    2018 is the 5th year that we’ve been running Fintech Week and the 2nd year we’re bring bringing the multi-day conference/exhibition/workshop/meetup concept to New York. We pride ourselves on bringing together the Fintech ecosystem, including investors, large banks, consultancies, start-ups, academics, government and innovators. Join for our inaugural event in New York, NY.

Top Blockchain Conferences – AUGUST

    13-Aug-2018 to 15-Aug-2018
    San Francisco / United States
    Full Week passes are good for all events from July 31- August 2nd. If you purchased a pass for a particular day only, that pass is also good for the evening event.
    14-Aug-2018 to 15-Aug-2018
    New York / UNITED STATES
    Where Great Minds Unite to Create the Future of Blockchain
    21-Aug-2018 to 21-Aug-2018
    Seattle / United States
    In 2015, we launched the first Blockchain Conference in London. Our aim was to bring senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and start-ups into a room and discuss Blockchain/DLT beyond Bitcoin. Shortly after that, we took the show on the road to New York, Hong Kong, Dublin, Amsterdam, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Things have come a long way since and we continue to bring the most up to date information directly from the people making it happen.
  • 2018 US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference
    22-Aug-2018 to 22-Aug-2018
    Los Angeles / Unites States 2018
    US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference is set in Los Angeles on August 22. The one day event is hosted by Blockchain China Connect and Artisan Business Group, Inc. It is the only Sino-US investment and funding focused business event for blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As Chinese government has recently banned ICOs and cryptocurrency trading platforms in China, more tech investors, blockchain startups and bitcoin mining companies are seeking alternative solutions overseas, the U.S. is one of the top considerations and destinations.
  • Singapore Blockchain Summit
    28-Aug-2018 to 28-Aug-2018
    Singapore / Singapore
    Blockchain Summit Singapore is a 1-day conference and exhibition connecting over 700 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors.

Top Blockchain Conferences – SEPTEMBER

  • FutureTech EXPO
    14-Sep-2018 to 16-Sep-2018
    Dallas / Unites States
    With over 1,000 expected attendees, 70 top-notch speakers and 100+ exhibitors from the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain worlds, and talks from ICOs and blockchain startups and more, this Expo is going to be a diverse, wonderful, and potentially profitable experience for all who attend.
  • World Ethical Data Forum
    19-Sep-2018 to 20-Sep-2018
    Barcelona / Spain
    he forum will bring together experts and enthusiasts from all over the globe to present and discuss several critical questions, such as the meaning of ethical data exchange, the moral implications and responsibilities that arise from the wealth of new decentralized technologies and systems, and whether a responsible moral climate of exchange and data commodification can be encouraged by design, but which does not compromise the advantages of distributed architectures. The event will also explore potential technical solutions to the questions raised.
    20-Sep-2018 to 21-Sep-2018
    Houston / Unites States
    The Blockchain in Oil and Gas Conference will be a two-day event held on September 20 & 21, 2018. It will again be part of our flagship IoT in Oil and Gas Conference, and enable you to understand how blockchain technology such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, distributed databases, and public ledgers are going to transform both your role and the oil and gas industry. The first blockchain was theorized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and applied the following year as a key component of the digital currency bitcoin, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. A secure public ledger concept can be applied to almost all aspects of doing business whilst removing slow and outdated workflows. Using a peer-to-peer network and a distributed timestamping server, a blockchain database can be managed autonomously. Blockchain is the future business model of supply chain and can be applied to the entire oil and gas value chain
  • CryptoBlockCon
    24-Sep-2018 to 25-Sep-2018
    London / United Kingdom
    Where Great Minds Unite to Create the Future of Blockchain
  • Finovate Fall
    24-Sep-2018 to 26-Sep-2018
    New York / Unites States
    1500+ attendees. 70+ companies demoing. 100+ expert speakers. Countless opportunities. See cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo format. Get advice and insights from 100+ fintech experts in an expanded program.
    25-Sep-2018 to 26-Sep-2018
    Lyon / France
    Meet with industry experts, blockchain enthusiasts, vendors, and exhibitors – all looking to provide solutions in blockchain or gaming.
  • Blockchain Live
    26-Sep-2018 to 26-Sep-2018
    London / United Kingdom
    Blockchain Live 2018 is an event dedicated to the adoption of blockchain technology. Set amidst the stratospheric growth of blockchain start-ups and ICO’s, 2017 marked Blockchain Live’s inaugural year and it exceeded all expectations. Bringing together delegates from key sectors looking to embrace and adopt distributed ledger technology.

Top Blockchain Conferences – OCTOBER

  • PayExpo Europe 2018
    9-Oct-2018 to 10-Oct-2018
    London / United Kingdom
    Where leaders in payments shape the future, build game-changing partnerships and showcase the very latest payments innovations
  • Dubai Blockchain Expo
    Dubai / United Arab Emirates
    A new history of blockchain starts in Dubai! As the first-ever event of its kind, we are introducing one of the largest blockchain gatherings in Middle East history. Dubai Blockchain Expo will be the largest gathering of Blockchain start-ups, investors, experts, and enthusiasts. it’s an opportunity to showcase investment opportunities and discuss the future financial Blockchain technologies and inventions.
  • Money 20/20 USA
    21-Oct-2018 to 24-Oct-2018
    Las Vegas / Unites States
    The Money Revolution is underway at Money20/20. Our 2018 event will fearlessly take on the mission of creating a simpler, fairer, faster and more inclusive financial system for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole.
  • World Blockchain Summit Dubai
    24-Oct-2018 to 25-Oct-2018
    Dubai / United Arab Emirates
    It is time to identify and prioritise the various service areas in public and private organisations that can benefit from blockchain technologies – and educate the market about the transformational potential of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.
  • Texas Bitcoin Conference 2018
    27-Oct-2018 to 28-Oct-2018
    Austin / Unites States
    Now in its fourth year, the Texas Bitcoin Conference is one of the most attended conferences in Texas for the bitcoin, blockchain and currency industries. People attending range from expert to novice, looking for information on the value of projects involved in ICO’s, blockchain technologies, regulations in place and more. Following the success of past years conferences, we are expecting hundreds to join us for another exciting conference in our States Capitol.
  • World Crypto Con
    31-Oct-2018 to 2-Nov-2018
    Las Vegas / Unites States
    We, at World Crypto Con, have taken aim and made it our pursuit to level the playing field and help sift through the massive amounts of information making it easier to find real VALUE in blockchain and crypto asset projects. In an era where we can communicate instantaneously across the globe it is our belief that there is no substitute to rubbing shoulders with the actual Trail Blazers, themselves.

Top Blockchain Conferences – NOVEMBER

  • Malta Blockchain Summit
    1-Nov-2018 to 2-Nov-2018
    Valetta / Malta
    Malta, with its new regulatory framework, is at the forefront in Blockchain and DLT. The Malta Blockchain Summit in November is a reflection of this momentum. Expect a buzzing expo and riveting discussions about the world-changing potential applications of the Blockchain. The summit anticipates 4000 delegates worldwide and will also feature a Hackathon and an ICO pitch, connecting investors with ICOs.
  • Empire Startups Fintech Conference
    13-Nov-2018 to 13-Nov-2018
    San Francisco / Unites States
  • LendIt Fintech Europe 2018
    19-Nov-2018 to 20-Nov-2018
    London / United Kingdom
    Europe’s Leading Event for Innovation in Financial Services
  • Blockchain Expo North America 2018
    28-Nov-2018 to 29-Nov-2018
    Silicon Valley / UNITED STATES
    The world’s largest Blockchain conference & exhibition. Blockchain Expo brings together 6000+ dedicated delegates across key industries for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies
  • BlockOn 2018
    29-Nov-2018 to 29-Nov-2018
    Manama / Bahrain
    BlockOn is a BlockChain & Cryptocurrency Platform to for corporate incubation projects consisting of seminars incl. panels, keynotes and fireside chats accompanied by roundtables and demos to and from the Blockchain community. A platform that aims to provide knowledge exchange, foster synergies among market players to find solutions, and implement & promote best innovative Blockchain practices in a collaborative, open and transparent manner.

Top Blockchain Conferences – DECEMBER

  • CryptoBlockCon
    11-Dec-2018 to 12-Dec-2018
    Las Vegas / Unites States
    Where Great Minds Unite to Create the Future of Blockchain

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