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Following our post on companies operating without offices, we would like to talk about tools for virtual companies. TroopTravel is a startup which from the idea creation phase till today is built based on a virtual setup with its founders based in Madrid/Spain and Pretoria/South Africa. Thus, we have gained quite some experiences on working in a remote setup. Our top picks for tools for virtual companies are listed below:

Standard Tools for Virtual Companies

Are you building a bootstrapped startup in a virtual setup? Try these tools. They worked well for us!

  • G-Suite – Emails, file sharing, documents, analytics, etc. Everything you need to get started.
  • Zoom – The top video conferencing tool for us. Works well with one-on-ones and with hundred participants. The free version is a good start
  • Slack – Great tool for us to share thoughts and ideas on different topics.
  • Trello – Perfect to focus on key things. Create your boards and keep your mind focused. Helped us a lot with strategy discussions.
  • Whatsapp – No doubt the key tool for communication when based in different countries. hundreds of voice messages and call saved us great amount of funds
  • Canva – A full design team. A great platform which helps us creating any great design content.
  • Design Wizard – Another great design software which includes video templates as well.
  • Biteable – A cool tool for our first promo videos. Helps you creating video content in minutes.
  • iWorkCommunity – A set of free templates and scripts for Apple iWork users.
  • TroopTravel – No doubt that we are a prime user of our own product. At least once every quarter we have an in-person meeting. Where do we meet? TroopTravel will tell us! So far it has been, Jordan, Thailand, Bangkok, Istanbul and Madrid!

We are constantly adding new services to our list of tools for virtual companies but those tools presented above are a great start for any virtual startup! Being a bootstrapped startup, we are focusing on great functionalities for little cash. The moment we identify a good product, we tend to start with the free version and if we like it, we go for the paid options. It is incredible, what great services you can get for 100 USD.

What services do you use? Share them with us via Facebook or Twitter!

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