The Value of Travel Micro-Services
September 20th, 2018

Travel Micro-Services are the future when it comes to planning and booking trips. 

When I was working in business development for a large global membership network, I traveled a lot. Trip planning and booking was a regular activity that involved travel Micro-Services. Within my almost 3 years at that organization I’ve worked on a lot of new markets mainly within Europe, Middle East and Africa. Although having had traveled a lot before already, there where quite a number of countries I have never had any contact with. So my question was how can I increase the value of my business travel to location where I had not touch point with?

My experience in business development in general has taught me that the more importance I put into my planning process, the higher the value of the trip itself. To give you a recent example: We participated in an important industry conference. That trip came at a cost of X and we expected a value of Y. Some days before the conference we where asked by the organizers of that event to present our solution to their global board. What has happened? The value of this trip increased 10 or maybe 100 times while the cost remains absolutely the same. Shouldn’t that be the way we look at business travel – rather trying to increase value than reducing costs?

Business travel planning is mainly focusing on reducing costs rather than increasing value. 

Coming back to my initial example on how I used to plan my business trips, I typically included a number of micro-services in my planning:

  • LinkedIn: Every time I travel to a new location, I check whom do I know on LinkedIn based in that city I am traveling to. Since anyways I will be there, it would be a great opportunity to meet up.
  • Internal membership database: The organization I worked for, maintained a huge database of members. For my travel planning, I always tried to dig into that database to identify potential introduction-makers.
  • Leading entrepreneurs: This one was a bit more difficult. Since we were targeting entrepreneurs of high-revenue companies, it has always been interesting to identify those entrepreneurs based in a certain location. Basically local business newspapers and articles where a good source. As well globally recognized entrepreneurs through the EY awards, for example.
  • HQ locations of leading companies: Even if multi-national companies are not necessarily owned by entrepreneurs, still identifying relevant people in those organization can be useful to get introductions. Wikipedia was a good source here as well.
  • and so on…

I guess there is no doubt that bringing different independent data sources and travel micro-services together increases the potential value of your business trip. So what does this have to do with travel micro-services?

Open API connected Travel Micro-Services increase the value creation for travel planning

Imagine having a platform which allows you to pull all these individual services together. A platform which allows the user to select the micro-services you need and enable data communication among them. So next time, you are planning a trip somewhere, your LinkedIn micro-service will tell you automatically whom you should try to meet while you are visiting that location or your dietary service will recommend a restaurant which serves food you like.

The integration of connected travel micro-services will give a complete new experience to the traveler and will change the view on travel from a service procider to a strategic component of how to run a company. Finally, corporate travel planning is focusing on value creation.

Travel micro-services is not an invention by TroopTravelJohnny Thorsen, a renown travel tech guru is a prominent thought leader on this topic. He frequently inspires startups and big player to change the way we think about the travel industry. His recent publication on Business Travel IQ is a great place to start. This blog post is our take on how we see the value of travel micro-services. 

If you want to know more about how travel micro-services can improve the value of your business travel planning, reach out to TroopTravel. We are happy to guide you through our travel planning platform based on open-API travel micro-services.

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