The ultimate tool for meeting planners in times of covid

New variants of covid, restrictions in countries on the entry of travelers, special dates very close… It is difficult for meeting planners to organize meetings if they do not have the necessary resources.

At first glance and for the inexperienced user, it may seem that organizing meetings is an easy activity. Searching for flights, hotels and comparing the data; you are done. But the truth is that whoever has experience, will know that there is nothing further from the truth.

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The new normal challenges

And that under normal conditions. If situations such as the current pandemic are added, the activity becomes a whole gymkhana of data and sources almost impossible to follow.

For example: Who says that tomorrow the entry policies to a country will be the same as a week ago? Or today?

Taking a step further. When returning to the country of origin, will the business traveler have to meet any special requirements? After all, authorities in place can ask for quarantine periods or additional tests.

All of this taking into account the characteristics and requirements of only one passenger. What happens when we have to align the plans of several? And when it comes to tens, hundreds of business travelers? Things start to get complicated, and the manual process stops having validity and meaning.

Where will people meet?

Meeting planners have a battle ahead, and that is to organize their meetings successfully. And for this they need to have visibility and data on all the factors that influence the organization of trips.

We have talked about the restrictions related to covid, but there is more data to take into account.

With tight budgets in companies, costs have to be watched as closely as possible. But you also have to take into account the total flight times, so that the trip makes sense. And all this without forgetting the data on sustainability and carbon footprint, increasingly relevant in company policies.

With all these requirements on the table, the question is: Where will people meet? How can meeting planners organize the meetings? What tools exist in the market to successfully achieve these goals?

The solution for meeting planners

TROOP is a single, centralized hub that enables a scientific, algorithmic and data-driven approach to planning the most effective global meeting and events for your team, saving time and money while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

And it does all this without losing sight of all the most up-to-date information on covid. TROOP offers its users a covid map where they can check the restrictions imposed by the countries. but not only this, but also the documentation and evidence to be provided, if required.

We know that events and travel planning need to take all kinds of risks into account, and at TROOP we provide the means to not only mitigate those risks, but also minimize the possibility of any negative consequences, whether in time, cost, travel restrictions or any COVID-related aspects.

We take efficiency to the next level in the world of meeting planning, offering data on costs, times, restrictions associated with COVID, as well as carbon footprint data. In this way, decisions are informed and can be made in minutes, instead of days as was the case before.

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