The benefits of remote work for technology companies

Remote work has become completely common since the pandemic broke out a little over two years ago. And although it started as something for which we were not prepared, now it has become the preferred option for the majority of employees.

Actually, some companies that hired remote workers during the pandemic say going back to the office isn’t an option. 

And when it comes to tech companies, the benefits of remote work are huge. As a matter of fact, the computer/information systems industry currently ranks second in industries embracing remote work. In 2016, 57 percent of employees working in computer/information systems spent some of their time working remotely, according to a report on workplace findings by Gallup.

As more and more highly specialized tech professionals demand flexibility when it comes to their work schedule and location, companies will be forced to reconsider their traditional policies. 

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Fully remote workplace

Some companies have recently stated that they were going fully remote. As for example, Airbnb, which is going all in on the “live anywhere, work anywhere” philosophy that much of the business world has been forced to adopt. They’ve committed to full-time remote work for most employees as well as a handful of perks, like 90 days of international work/travel. 

And many organizations have announced tentative policies with the understanding that they would be revisited in a few months. There’s a lot of talk about the “hybrid” or “flex” model where employees work from the office a few days, then from home the rest of the time. 

Expanded talent pool

On the other hand, companies have changed the way they operate, especially when it comes to hiring. In fact, tech companies outside Silicon Valley have been able to grow because their talent pool has expanded. They can recruit talent from anywhere without asking candidates to relocate.

Hiring remote workers during pandemic lockdowns has also made it more difficult for companies to require a return to the office. Those that require office hours would have to return to a more limited local talent pool — but one that is now more competitive than it was before the pandemic.

Remote work also requires personal interactions between the team, meaning that meetings are a must. And when it comes to organizing them, what better than TROOP?

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