January 3rd, 2018
Let’s continue our discussion on virtual companies today, specifically on how to manage a virtual team. After having discussed the growing trend of companies turning virtual, its reasons and tools to use, we would like to share some more experience on how to manage a virtual team. Most of the tools we use are based on the book Scaling Up: How […]
December 29th, 2017
If you follow our blog, you can see that we like talking about virtual companies. Having gained years of working in a complete virtual environment, we are a strong believer in the opportunities of running a truly global startup. Thus, today we want to share some more information about the trend of virtual companies. The trend […]
December 26th, 2017
Following our post on companies operating without offices, we would like to talk about tools for virtual companies. TroopTravel is a startup which from the idea creation phase till today is built based on a virtual setup with its founders based in Madrid/Spain and Pretoria/South Africa. Thus, we have gained quite some experiences on working in […]
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