April 4th, 2022
Meeting planners have it increasingly complicated when organizing meetings and business travel in times of COVID, as they have to take into account the continuous changes in the COVID related restrictions policies when traveling to other countries.  If it was already difficult to take all the data into account, now there are new problems, since […]
March 28th, 2022
Meeting planners need to consider many aspects related to how to stay safe when planning a meeting. And much more in these times of covid, where the requirements to travel seem to have multiplied. Not only that, but the policies change practically every day.  That is why today it is more important than ever to […]
February 23rd, 2022
A global consultancy wanted to start planning meetings again as travel restrictions were removed in key markets and staff were vaccinated and willing to travel.  What was the challenge being addressed? Meeting planners had no visibility over who could travel where without spending an enormous amount of time analyzing each origin and destination being considered. […]
December 22nd, 2021
New variants of covid, restrictions in countries on the entry of travelers, special dates very close… It is difficult for meeting planners to organize meetings if they do not have the necessary resources. At first glance and for the inexperienced user, it may seem that organizing meetings is an easy activity. Searching for flights, hotels […]
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