June 7th, 2022
Business travel doesn’t necessarily need to involve stress and burnout. There are ways to travel stress-free. Do you want to know more? Discover our 5 tips!  The best itinerary You don’t have to make a spreadsheet, but at the very least write out ar schedule for each day in your phone’s notes app or even […]
May 26th, 2022
Sustainable business travel has never been more pressing. However, it’s one thing to recognize the importance of eco-friendly tourism; it’s another to put principles into practice. Nobody doubts that the travel industry has played a big part in creating economic stability and driving positive growth in locations across the globe, but there is also a […]
May 1st, 2022
Still don’t know what bleisure is? It is a term that combines business with leisure. And it’s becoming more and more common, now that we can travel with fewer restrictions. As travel returns, many employees may be tacking on a few extra days before or after business trips to enjoy leisure travel. In this way, […]
April 27th, 2022
Data speaks for itself: the San Diego State University School of Hospitality & Tourism Management on behalf of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) has revealed in a recent survey that in-person business travel and meetings have huge and undeniable advantages over virtual options. But that’s not all; the report has also revealed that […]
April 4th, 2022
Meeting planners have it increasingly complicated when organizing meetings and business travel in times of COVID, as they have to take into account the continuous changes in the COVID related restrictions policies when traveling to other countries.  If it was already difficult to take all the data into account, now there are new problems, since […]
April 4th, 2022
Taking care of your health while traveling is crucial. But now that we’ve decreased the frequency of our business travel due to the pandemic, it’s easy to ignore the risk. However, the danger is still there. If we do not take care of our health while traveling, we are exposed to more than covid. Travel […]
March 29th, 2022
We are used to spending a considerable amount of time in meetings. But are these effective? Even necessary? We help you make your meetings better with these tips. According to a study by Reclaimai, professionals have an average of 25.6 meetings a week, or 5.1 per day, the average meeting length being 50.6 minutes long. […]
March 28th, 2022
Meeting planners need to consider many aspects related to how to stay safe when planning a meeting. And much more in these times of covid, where the requirements to travel seem to have multiplied. Not only that, but the policies change practically every day.  That is why today it is more important than ever to […]
March 11th, 2022
Organizing a meeting can be a complex process. But at TROOP we offer the ultimate tool that helps not only to save costs and time, but also to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the safety of travelers. There are many factors that can affect costs when organising a meeting. And this, in the world […]
February 27th, 2022
Business travel may have been reduced since the start of the pandemic. But it is also true that with the current challenges, business travelers continue to need smart tips to get the most out of their trips. Do you want to know some key tips? Meeting planning Starting with the first step, which is the […]
February 27th, 2022
It seemed that remote work was going to cause a drop in business travel, but the truth is that the trend may be the opposite. Companies are contacting other organizations that are not necessarily located in the same country, and borders are blurring when doing business. Technical positions, less affected While it is true that […]
December 15th, 2021
To think that business travel is going to reach precovid levels in a short period of time means not taking into account the current situation. New variants of COVID, lockdowns, border closures or more restrictive company’s policies make us and meeting planners think that it will still take a while (not too long, if all […]
December 9th, 2021
The covid pandemic has taught us in recent times that growth in companies can continue without the need of many of the activities that previously took place. And in that sense, business travel has been one of the most affected, because due to lockdowns, teams have been forced to meet remotely, or to decide with […]
December 2nd, 2021
If this COVID period in which we have seen our life turned upside down has taught us anything, it has been that we must take care of our wellbeing, both physically and psychologically. And companies have also detected this need, so one of their objectives for next year is to invest more in wellbeing, according […]
November 25th, 2021
Lately we are witnessing news stories in which they talk of the increase in the business travel cost, and how the pandemic has also affected this aspect. And it makes sense, since the covid has shaken the pillars of a sector that had to stop its activity practically completely at the time of the lockdown. […]
November 11th, 2021
The change that the pandemic has brought to the world of business travel not only refers to the fact that there has been a hard stop in the travel industry (as a matter of fact, the business travel sector was one of the most compromised by paralyzing all trips that were not absolutely necessary and […]
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