Sustainable travel and eco-friendly decisions

Travelers increasingly give more importance to sustainable travel and the environmental impact of their trips. Something confirmed by several surveys, as for example, the recent findings of The Vacationer’s “2022 Sustainable Travel Survey.” 

Why sustainability related data is important

According to the stats, 78% of travelers would pay more to lower their carbon footprint. ​​Besides, eighty-seven percent of American adults say that sustainable travel is important to them (34 percent saying it’s “very important,” with 53 percent saying only “somewhat important”). 

This information is very revealing, because it confirms that when organizing a trip or a business travel meeting, users need to have this information. Not only with data about costs or times. 

However, if there was a tool that could gather all the data in a single dashboard, it would make the process much easier.

TROOP connects all the dots

At TROOP, we have developed an application that makes travel organization a fast and efficient process, allowing users to have all the relevant data in one place when organizing a meeting. And this includes environmental impact, offering carbon footprint and sustainability data; flight and accommodation prices, as well as COVID restrictions related information and total travel times. This means that we can make informed decisions in just minutes.

TROOP is the single source of truth and powers these decisions for global organization across multiple industries by providing all the data required to make the best decision on how to meet, be it COVID related restrictions, costs of travel and accommodations, the environmental impact or the travel experience such as needing a visa or taking a stopover flight. 

As companies focus on their environmental commitments, they are turning to TROOP to help guide their teams as they aim to keep to carbon targets. The purpose of a meeting is more important than ever to understand and when approving a meeting, the costs and time spent traveling is key data to inform this investment decision. Staff wellness is key to optimising performance in today’s workforce and understanding the impact on staff when planning a meeting by understanding the range of timezones people are attending and the time spent traveling to attend the meeting allows for more thoughtful scheduling of the meeting and choice of location. 

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