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Creating value through corporate travel

TroopTravel’s award-winning Strategic Travel Platform brings thousands of different data points together to proactively plan your upcoming business travel. It uses Business Travel as a tool for achieving your company goals. Start creating value through Corporate Travel today!

TroopTravel’s Strategic Travel Platform brings your company relevant data together with your business travel planning.

Plan your next sales team meeting in a location where you have a high-density of existing customers. Or plan it in a location where you can find a lot of potential customers in your area. Do you know that, for example, London / UK hosts the most headquarters of Global Management Consulting companies than any other location in the world? Do you take similar information into account when you plan you internal meetings?

Maintain a good relationship with your existing clients. Next time, when you plan to bring your product team, your engineers or similar together, add a strategic value to this meeting. Consider having this meeting in a location where you have key customers. While your product team is there, they can pay your customers a visit to enhance the relationship, to pick up challenges or new ideas.

For sure you have a list of key industry conference you are planning to attend this year. Take those conferences into account when planning your business travel. Pick meeting locations based on events happening at the time of the meeting.

A Strategic Travel Plan brings different elements of your business together to proactively plan your upcoming business travel. By connecting hundreds or thousand of data points it creates strategic value for business travel.

Winner of the Business Travel Disrupt Award 2018

22nd Feb’ 2018, Business Travel Show in London / UK

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