How to save costs when organizing a meeting

Organizing a meeting can be a complex process. But at TROOP we offer the ultimate tool that helps not only to save costs and time, but also to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the safety of travelers.

There are many factors that can affect costs when organising a meeting. And this, in the world of business travel, has a great impact. And much more today, given the context of the pandemic, where trips are drastically reduced.

Information is the key

Meeting planners must have all the necessary data to make informed decisions. And not only information related to the total cost. 

But on many occasions, the process can become long and tedious. Going from website to website looking for data complicates the strategy. And when the meeting planner has found the services needed at the required costs, perhaps the route or the carbon footprint are not the desired ones. And then it’s time to start over. 

That is why having a useful tool is key. And if possible, a tool that allows you to organize a meeting with all the available data, in the same interface.

How does TROOP work?

The way in which the application works could not be more simple and intuitive. The data of the travelers is included, with dates of departure and arrival, as well as the desired destinations, etc. 

TROOP provides all the information related to the trip, including restrictions related to covid, costs, times or carbon footprint. Everything so that the meeting planners obtain information in seconds that previously took days or weeks to obtain. In this way, the word efficiency acquires a new meaning.

The cost saving ultimate tool

We know that events and travel planning need to take all kinds of risks into account, and at TROOP we provide the means to not only mitigate those risks, but also minimize the possibility of any negative consequences, whether in time, cost, travel restrictions or any COVID-related aspects.

We take efficiency to the next level in the world of meeting planning, offering data on costs, times, restrictions associated with COVID, as well as carbon footprint data. In this way, decisions are informed and can be made in minutes, instead of days as was the case before.

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