Reduce your everyday carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is something that seems to be associated with the activities of large companies. Something we cannot change because we have no power over it. But what if they told you that your everyday activities have a substantial impact on your carbon footprint? Although 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, it is important to understand how our actions affect the environment, particularly in high-carbon lifestyles.

We have the key to modify activities and reduce our carbon footprint. Find out how!

All about daily choices

According to a study published by Goodbye Car, a British citizen releases more carbon dioxide in a fortnight than some people do in some African countries across an entire year. And an office job for a day (Between commuting, powering up our computers, taking part in a one-hour virtual meeting, sending 40 emails, and streaming music for 2.5 hours while working) is the equivalent of traveling 31 miles by car in terms of carbon emissions. 

This even affects our meals and diet. For example, the Sunday roast comes with a huge carbon bill. Factoring in the ingredients (beef, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and eggs, flour, and milk for the Yorkshire pudding) and the cooking, a roast dinner produces over 28,000g of carbon dioxide. As driving a single mile yields 228g of CO2 on average, that means eating a roast on Sunday is the equivalent of driving 123 miles.

Another good example could be the English breakfast, which delivers a similar hit to the environment: a meal with bacon, sausage, bread, beans, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, and tomatoes would yield 5,747g of CO2 – the equivalent of driving 26 miles. 

Leisure and carbon footprint

And now it is the turn of another of our favorite activities: Netflix and social media. Watching one hour of the streaming sites is the carbon equivalent of driving just one mile. Meanwhile, sending a selfie and scrolling through Instagram for a half-hour have comparable carbon impacts. And purchasing just one piece of digital art produces 48,000g of carbon dioxide – the equivalent of driving 211 miles.

According to the CoolClimate Network, a University of California, even something as common as going to the gym has a high impact. Beware: Running on a treadmill for 30 minutes three times a week will boost your carbon footprint by 0.07 metric tons per year. Take it outside and watch that number plummet to zero!

At TROOP we are aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact, and we work hard to offer solutions. As companies focus on their environmental commitments they are turning to TROOP to help guide their teams as they aim to keep to carbon targets. 

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