Redefine the way we travel in groups

There is no doubt that the way we travel in groups is changing. Group travel is one of the last resort in the online travel industry which still needs to adapt to the online distribution. If you are booking a trip for a group of for example 20 people, you will have to negotiate individually with airlines and hotels to get special group discounts. We talked with Naully Nicolas about innovation on group travel and management.

The way we travel in groups needs innovation

Group travel is an enormously important part of the travel industry. In 2017 alone, the global group booking market is estimated to be in excess of US$ 190 billion. One in three hotel bookings in North America are part of group reservations. Knowing these statistics, it is incredible that mainly manual bookings are needed when travel in groups.

Business group travel is no exception to this situation. Managing and booking trips for corporate group is totally inefficient. Innovations in the online travel industry have mainly looked at individual private travelers and is only now moving into business travelling. (Corporate) Group Travel, however, has not yet been on the radar of startups and innovation drivers.

TroopTravel identified the need of innovation in the group travel segment and started to develop tools which help specifically multi-origin groups to come together easier. We inspire, optimize and coordinate the planning of travel in groups by suggesting meeting locations based on the starting locations of your group members.

Data-driven group travel management will not only help companies to safe money and planning time but can be as well a solution for overtourism. A tool like TroopTravel, for example, helps you to find the cheapest location for your muli-origin group and in many cases that locations are not the ones you would think about first. Can you believe, that it can be cheaper if two persons from Madrid and Barcelona want to meet, for both to fly to Ibiza, Mallorca and even Brussels than one of them flying to the other.

The way we travel in groups is changing. New services and innovation is entering this last resort of offline travel management and TroopTravel is trying to be part of this movement.

Listen to our podcast interview on the way we travel in groups.


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