Learning from the young generation

Learning from the Young Generation

This week TroopTravel has had the great opportunity to learn from the young generation about their expectations of the work environment in the future. We participated in an orientation week with the Antavilla School in Villanueva del Pardillo and received two bright students to work with us over two days. Being a virtual company we split our work sessions over different locations within Villanueva del Pardillo.

Silvia Castresana, is 15 years old and she likes traveling but what she loves is doing sports that´s why she practice surf and triathlon

Hi, well I have chosen this company cause i found it interesting and it also keeps the part of traveling which i like it”

Nerea Alba, is 15 years old and she loves to dance but also going to visit her family in Switzerland every time she can.

Hello, I have chosen this company because well yes I love to go to Switzerland but I want to travel so much I can in my life, and this company involves that

As part of their work, they prepared a blog post on what is important for their generation when thinking about the future of work. You can read it here (in Spanish): https://medium.com/@trooptravel/y-si-cambiamos-de-trabajo-7b0a399b6b02.

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