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Optimization tool for international group travel from multiple starting locations.

Today’s group travel planners are busy, tech savvy, adventurous and open to new ideas, according to new data collected by The Group Travel LeaderTroopTravel provides a great tool for groups that travel from multiple locations. By using the tool private and corporate groups can make sure they optimize their group travel experience easily and quickly. TroopTravel scans thousands of flights to make sure it provides the best destinations for your group.

The tool will analyze where the group originates from and then calculate the best cities for the group to travel to. The tool gives the organizer the ability to optimize the group trip either by price, time or a combination of the two.

The TroopTravel pick is a flight option that we think would be the best option for the group to take. It takes into account the travel time and travel cost for the whole group to recommend the best group travel option.

The normal way of thinking is to say that the location where the most people travel from would be the best place to meet. This is however not the case and the system comes up with surprising destinations that is either cheaper, quicker or both than the obvious choice. You can check out some of our case studies here:

As part of the results the system will also calculate the number of visas required for the group per destination analyzed. In the case of big groups the visa application process could be a very time consuming process that could take up a number of days work time for the corporate group that will be travelling.

Another part of the TroopTravel experience is the discovery options around interest groups, regions and events. In this case the tool can be used to discover places to travel to linked to each of these areas. The system could for instance recommend the best city to fly to if your travel group would like to visit Spain. It could also calculate the cost for your group to travel to the Formula One races. You could also analyze around interest and regions for instance what the best beaches in Europe would be for your group to travel to.

All in all TroopTravel is a great analysis tool for international groups that want to travel together whether it is corporate groups of private groups. The best really comes into its own when the travelers travel from multiple starting locations.

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