The importance of in-person meetings

The importance of in-person meetings should not be underestimated. Read about how in-person meetings increase happiness.

In a world where more and more communication happens virtual, the actual need of in-person meetings become more and more important. Especially, in the corporate world a lot of online tools like Skype, Zoom, Slack or Samepage have become standard communication tools. Whole organizations are build on decentralized working concepts which changes the way we run and understand companies.

In the past, a company was a central place where people came together to work towards the same goal. That central location was kind of the warehouse of all the tools you needed to reach your goal. It was as well the center of information. The ownership of information has changed over the centuries. Historically, the entrepreneur (or boss) of a company is the focal point where all information came together. Nowadays, information is widespread within a company and in many cases the employees dealing directly with clients have much more information about the market then the owner, CEO or boss of the company. With the advancement of technology, the amount of information becomes more and more and the flow becomes easier. However, the biggest challenge of modern corporations is to manage the flow and distribution of information.

Technology has allowed us to build companies where not bricks are defining the playground of your team but actually bits and bytes. More and more companies are offering their employees home-office opportunities and more and more people are looking for employment opportunities which work in harmony with their personal circumstances.

While in the past as a company you had to work with the talent which existed around you or alternatively, you would have to “import” talent which comes at a high cost, nowadays, you can build a company with no physical office and with people working under the same vision from all over the world.

The challenge of a decentralized team which only connects virtually, is the importance of maintaining in-person or in-person meetings. While focused business discussions work well in the virtual space, all the additional communication in an office such as the small talk at the coffee machine or at lunch gets missing. And those informal discussions are very important for problem solving and/or information dissemination.

In the end, a lot comes down to trust. Informal discussion and conversations help to build trust among people. The higher the trust level, the more effective the working relationship. Building trust through a purely virtual space is way more complicated.

There are plenty of articles about the importance of in-person meetings in our virtual world. The one I can recommend are an article by The Wall Street Journal and the Forbes Magazine.

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