Covid and travel: how to stay safe

Meeting planners need to consider many aspects related to how to stay safe when planning a meeting. And much more in these times of covid, where the requirements to travel seem to have multiplied. Not only that, but the policies change practically every day. 

mask and travel

That is why today it is more important than ever to ensure safety in business travel. Not only to avoid problems and delays, but for the good of the traveler himself, who can suffer from burnout, as well as get infected.

For this reason, we offer some advice when embarking on trips in times of coronavirus. 

How we can manage to stay safe:

1. Get boosted if you have the chance

It is true that there is some controversy about it. But certainly, the data gives us clear conclusions. Most of the people who end up in the ICU or with serious problems were not vaccinated. Therefore, the less risk we run, the better. In case we get infected, the symptoms may be minor. And that is why we should not take unnecessary risks.

2. Refundable airline tickets

It is usually a key factor to avoid last minute problems. We do not know what changes may be in the future, so if possible, it is always advisable to buy tickets that can be exchanged or returned. It usually involves a small increase in price, but it’s worth it. And as meeting planners, it is about guaranteeing safety above all else.

3. Use CDC-approved COVID-19 tests 

One of the problems that we can observe when organizing trips is the policies that countries have when it comes to accepting the entry of travelers. And that entails a series of measures that sometimes change. We are not only talking about vaccines, but also about tests that need to be done. But many times, not just anyone. For this reason, we recommend checking what it can be worth, especially when entering some countries.

4. Priority access 

Certainly, queuing brings us closer. And the safety distance can sometimes be lost. The use of masks, hygiene and the two meters rule are some things that can help us avoid risks, but the danger is still there. That is why the fewer queues, the better. Or the less time you spend in the queue, for that matter. All the advances to which you have access play an important role, such as priority access.

5. Airport lounges

Closely related to the point mentioned above. Avoiding crowds is a key point to avoid the risk of covid. And for that, it is interesting to consider options, such as airport lounges. There are many types, so it is important to check if there are too many people before accessing. But if the conditions are right, what could be better than enjoying a calm environment where you can rest or eat in peace?

The app that helps you organise your meeting

TROOP is a single, centralized hub that enables a scientific, algorithmic and data-driven approach to planning the most effective global meeting and events for your team, saving time and money while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

And it does all this without losing sight of all the most up-to-date information on covid. TROOP offers its users a covid map where they can check the restrictions imposed by the countries. but not only this, but also the documentation and evidence to be provided, if required.

We know that events and travel planning need to take all kinds of risks into account, and at TROOP we provide the means to not only mitigate those risks, but also minimize the possibility of any negative consequences, whether in time, cost, travel restrictions or any COVID-related aspects.

We take efficiency to the next level in the world of meeting planning, offering data on costs, times, restrictions associated with COVID, as well as carbon footprint data. In this way, decisions are informed and can be made in minutes, instead of days as was the case before.

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