How cutting-edge technology influences business travel decisions

Lately we are witnessing news stories in which they talk of the increase in the business travel cost, and how the pandemic has also affected this aspect. And it makes sense, since the covid has shaken the pillars of a sector that had to stop its activity practically completely at the time of the lockdown.

New technologies and efficiency

However, this has also meant that when planning a trip, the meeting planners have to discover and use new data and tools to find the most efficient way to organise the events. Until now, it was a very tedious and manual task, in which many hours were spent comparing, and even so, it was not possible to obtain data such as the environmental impact that travel could have. All this so that when results were already obtained, they were useless because they had become obsolete, since prices in this industry often change rapidly.

And now, if the basic complications that already existed are added to new ones such as restrictions on flights due to the pandemic, quarantine periods or additional tests, the scenario can turn into a true nightmare.

Much has been published about how to improve business travel cost in planning business meetings, such as finding affordable accommodation, choosing travel options carefully or never shortening the trip’s duration. But the reality goes further: you need to have visibility on more than one aspect, and until now there was no tool that would allow you to have all the required data in a single dashboard.

Our response to the market

Up to now. The application that we have developed at TROOP allows users to have all the relevant data in one place when organizing a meeting. And this includes environmental impact, offering carbon footprint and sustainability data; flight and accommodation prices, as well as total travel times. The result is decisions that have all the information.

And it is that in TROOP we want to make users free so that they can make informed decisions, and thus meet their objectives, whether they are cost savings, minimize the impact that meetings have on the environment, or the speed in achieving the meetings.

And all this without mentioning the visibility that the platform offers on restrictions due to covid and entry into countries. If a group from different countries wants to meet, TROOP provides updated information on which countries can be accessed, and what restrictions it has, always offering the best alternative.

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