How Google impacts travel tech

About a month ago, we talked about the new layout of Google’s Flight Search. Today we want to dig deeper into how Google impacts travel tech. There has been quite some movement on travel from Google’s side over the last weeks.

How Google Impacts Travel

The recent improvements on Google’s travel tools shows the growing interest of moving more into the online travel agency (OTA) sector. The recent upgrade started to bring all pieces together. From flights and hotels to locally available activities are now bookable through Google Travel. Google is quickly growing its market share within the sector. However, does not come without challenges.

End of December 2017, Google was in the US news on antitrust pressure on how Google impacts travel in general. This follows the recent antitrust fine from the European Union. It has been reported that the EU is as well examining Google’s travel practices in Europe. 2018 may create some major stepping stones on how Google impacts travel.

Apart of regulatory challenges, it is as well important to note that currently around 12 percent of Google’s overall advertisement revenue comes from the travel industry. Thus, stepping on the toes of one of your biggest advertisement clients creates its own challenges. Industry experts do not expect Google to proactively kill its biggest advertisement partner but rather trying to push existing players to further enhance their offering and business models which will include more value-added functions for suppliers.

In the end, the user is the one who steers the trend. Just think of how many of you are already using Google Maps when you are traveling? What about a platform that has information about sightseeing, your accommodation, current events, recommend restaurants and in addition tell you on how to get there? If you use Google Maps for finding your way around, wouldn’t it be logical that this is the system which brings all together?

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