Generation Z Travel Trends

A while a go we wrote about travel trends for millennials. While the time in the spotlight for millennials is coming to and end, a new generation is waiting to take charge: Generation Z. This upcoming generation has different priorities and interests in many aspects. Thus, today, we talk Generation Z Travel Trends.

Generation Z will account for one third of the population in 2020

Everyone born somewhere between 1995 till mid-2000s belongs to the so-called Generation Z. They are also known as iGeneration, Post-Millennials or Homeland Generation. They grew up in a different world than earlier generations. While Millennials experienced the change created through the introduction of mobile phones and internet, Generation Z does not know anything different. For them mobile phones, social media and internet has always been there.

Generation Z is starting to reach the job entry level stage. Thus, companies are trying to figure out more about them. Independently, whether we talk about Generation Z travel trends or employment preferences, this young generation is remarkably different to Millennials.

6 Key Differences between Millennials and Generation Z

Let’s look at 6 key differences between these two leading generations.

  1. Care about price: Generation Z was raised in a time of recession thus, price and discounts are important to them. This impacts as well the Generation Z travel trends.
  2. High expectations: Generation Z are used to receiving a lot of information fast. Thus, when things are not happening fast, they think, something is wrong. This impacts as well their expectation on brands, retailers and businesses to be loyal to them. They need to feel being appreciated otherwise, they will move on.
  3. More entrepreneurial: Again influenced by growing up in recession, Generation Z is more entrepreneurial than Millennials. They desire more independent work environments and will be key for the rise of digital nomads.
  4. Generation Z is individualistic: Generation Z was born with a group of followers. There first baby photos have been posted on social media and from the early beginning they have been social with digital footprints. That is the reasons that they are looking for uniqueness through brands or future employers.
  5. Generation Z is global: While Millennials where considered being the first global generation, Generation Z will be even more global in their thinking, friends or work place. Thus, diversity will be an expectation of Generation Z.
  6. More face-to-face: An interesting trend with Generation Z is that they prefer in-person communication over virtual communication. Some believe actually that growing up with technology and virtual communication enhances personal interaction and relationships.

Generation Z Travel Trends are already notable

Starting to build the entry-level work force, Generation Z travel trends will be getting noticed. Already some experiences have been gained and they have started to influence the travel industry. Here are some Generation Z travel trends which are important to notice

  1. Location independent: Generation Z has normally no concrete destination in mind when they start thinking about a trip. While 56% of the baby boomers know exactly where to go, only 35% of Generation Z has it that clear.
  2. Culture, food and price: When prioritizing activities and unique experiences for a trip, Generation Z pays most attention to cultural experience, food and lowest price. Although they look more for the price, they are willing to pay an extra for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  3. Smartphone and Social Media: No doubt, smartphones and social media have a massive impact on how Generation Z selects travel locations or makes decisions. Instagram has the strongest impact on their inspirational part.
  4. Visiting Families: Since Generation Z pays attention to unique experiences, visiting family members around the world is part of their travel plans. Sharing great moments with people you care about is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  5. Bucket List Conqueror: Generation Z like to travel with a goal in mind. Their global mindset helps them to achieve things on their travel bucket list.

In a nutshell, Generation Z travel trends are focusing on individualistic, off-the-beaten track travel experiences to experience once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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