Fitur 2018

The Top Travel Conference season is officially starting today with the opening of Fitur 2018. Just a week after the CES presented its trend for 2018, the Fitur is opening its doors for the 38th time. For 5 days, Madrid will be the world capital of tourism. In 2017, almost 250,000 people visited the fair with around 10,000 companies from 165 countries exhibiting. Fitur 2018 is an important event for the travel industry and has been of course featured in our Top Travel Conferences list for 2018.

Fitur 2018 is important for Madrid and Spain

With around 250,000 people visiting Madrid these days, hosting an event like Fitur is an important factor for the local economy. The organizers estimate that the economic impact of hosting this conference is around 240 million Euros for Madrid City. The participation is continuously growing over the years and Fitur 2018 is expected to receive about 10% more visitors than in 2017. In 2018, 9,672 companies from 165 countries are exhibiting. This is reflecting the continuous growth of travelers globally.

Tech, new destinations and Food

While in 2017 robotics, Internet of Things and mobile where key topics, this year the focus is on augmented reality and its application models for the tourism industry. In addition, Fitur is a great place for inspiration of new destinations (Aruba, Nassau and Pakistan are exhibiting for the first time this year) and a treat for your stomach.

TroopTravel will be participating in this year’s edition and we will share more finding and trends during the next days. Let us know if you are around as well and let us meet at Fitur 2018!


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