FITUR 2018 – more highlights

The second day of FITUR 2018 is over and some more highlights to share from our side. Yesterday we already talked about some of our key highlights from FITUR 2018, today we want to extend the list with some experiences from our second day of participation.

FITUR 2018 – Highlights Day 2

Our key highlights for the second day are:

  • 5G Speed – The World Economic Forum just published an article on how the introduction of 5G will change the world. FITUR 2018 gave some first appetizers on how life with even faster speed will be, mainly in connection with augmented reality.
  • Massive presence of Spain and its provinces – The presence of Spain, its provinces, tourist destinations and cities at FITUR 2018 is massive. Great colorful stands with showing the beauty and diversity this country has to offer. Walking through the two halls full information about Spain will surely inspire many travelers to visit other parts Spain than Madrid and Barcelona only. One the same note, if you are interested to see which Spanish airport is the cheapest for your group to travel to, just try our TroopTravel – Visit Spain flight comparison technology.
  • The Stand of Gibraltar is as big as the country itself – It is surprising to see the differences between certain sizes of exhibition stands. While some big countries have rather small stands like the USA, (Germany and Canada have not even been seen at this fair) other small countries have huge spaces. The stand of Gibraltar, for example, feels as big as the country itself.
  • Great travel inspirations – There are a lot of countries which are not necessarily on everyone top priority list when it comes to traveling but which offer great experiences. Slovenia, for example, a beautiful country and a great presentation at FITUR 2018. There are so many smaller destinations who have built great inspirational booths.
  • Business travel is of key interest for tourism promotion agencies – We have talked with a number of official tourism promotion agencies and business travel as well as overtourism are key words in these discussions. Cities and countries are looking at solutions on how to increase the number of business meetings for specifically locations which a bit of the beaten track in order to deal with overtourism. This is again an areas where TroopTravel technology can actually help.
  • Music videos as a new location marketing channel – Interesting offering from Sony Music where they are developing viral music videos to specifically promote locations within their videos as a form of high impact tourism promotion.
  • Still no meeting with big players without appointment – Last but not least, more situations where we approached stands to try to talk to representatives without great success. Especially at the booths of different Spanish locations like Madrid, Ibiza, Mallorca and others, we have been continuously told that without a prearrange appointment, there is no way to have a meeting. Definitely for us a lesson learned for the future.

All in all, FITUR 2018 has been a great experiences for us. We had some good meetings and build some great contacts.

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