CASE STUDY: 2 Travelers from Madrid and Barcelona

Case Study on a group of two friends wanting to meet up.

A private group travel case: 2 Friends from Madrid and Barcelona want to meet up to spend some quality time together

The challenge: Find a cheap and “nice” place to meet and compare it to one of them traveling to the other.

Task: Which is the best location to meet?

Barcelona and Madrid are around 5 hours drive away from each other. Both cities are well served with a high-speed train connection as well as a lot of direct and cheap flights per day. Finding locations where both can fly to and which will be cheaper than one of them traveling to the other sounds challenging.

TroopTravel accepted the challenge and found out these results:

Key Findings

Travel Dates: 11 – 14th of January 2018

  1. Ibiza / Spain @ 42 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-40%)
  2. Palma / Spain @ 42 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-40%)
  3. Santiago de Compostela / Spain @ 44 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-38%)
  4. Porto / Portugal @ 68 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (- 3%)
  5. Brussels / Belgium @ 69 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (- 2%)
  6.  Barcelona / Spain @ 70 EUR One Person Traveling
  7. Madrid / Spain @ 77 EUR One Person Traveling

Conclusion: 2 friends living in Madrid and Barcelona can save up to 40% on travel cost by meeting in Ibiza or Palma rather than one of them travelling to the other!

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