Business Travel Case Study: 17 travelers from 13 locations. Where do we meet?

A real business travel case: A global organization wants to bring their global board and executive team together for an in-person meeting.

The challenge: there are 17 travelers from 13 different locations.

Nice to have: Ideally, somewhere in Africa where the organization has a subsidiary.

Task: Which is the best location to meet in Africa and globally?


How would you do this business travel analysis? Most probably you would start pre-selecting 2 or 3 locations and then you would start searching for average flight prices from each of the 13 starting locations to those pre-selected destinations. This will cost you a lot of time and depending on the size of your group may result in an impossible task. TroopTravel suggests locations based on your starting locations; no matter if your group has 3 starting locations, 13 or 300.

Without using TroopTravel, the organization suggested Nairobi / Kenya as the ideal meeting location.

After running this trip on TroopTravel, we found out that if you would bring them together to Cairo / Egypt, you can save up to 25% of the overall travel costs. Even Dar es Salam / Tanzania and Durban / South Africa are cheaper in terms of travel costs.

  1. Cairo / Egypt @ 12,516 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-25%)
  2. Dar Es Salam / Tanzania @ 15,334 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-8%)
  3. Durban / South Africa @ 16,295 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-2%)
  4. Nairobi / Kenya @ 16,633 EUR Total Group Travel Cost

Without the limitation of focusing only at the African continent, the overall travel costs can be reduced by 56% if the meeting would take place in New York / US.

  1. New York, US @ 7,268 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-56%)
  2. Washington, US @ 8,020 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-52%)
  3. Los Angeles, US @ 8,498 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-49%)

Cheapest non-US location is:

  1. Dublin, Ireland @ 9,638 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-42%)
  2. Shanghai, China @ 10,250 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-38%)
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands @ 10,355 EUR Total Group Travel Cost (-38%)


Check out the TroopTravel Trip here


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