Airbnb and Business Travel

Airbnb and business travel is starting to become a working combination. Mid of last year there were around 250,000 companies which already combined Airbnb and business travel. This number increased from 250 companies in 2015. While around 85% of Airbnb’s overall revenue stream is linked to personal stays and tourism activities, business travel is becoming more and more important for Airbnb.

Airbnb and business travel is getting more and more important

One element of the business travel trends for 2018 is the growing use of the sharing economy. Uber and Airbnb are becoming key partners for business travelers. Imagine bringing a global team for a strategy workshop together which needs inspiration and creativity. Renting a funky home within a trending part of the town will for sure inspire more than having the same meeting in a standard hotel meeting room. The same applies for long-term business rental.

The big players in the business travel industry have already adopted to this trend and included Airbnb into their business travel offerings. With linking Airbnb and business travel, the company goes actually back to its roots when the founders started Airbnb in San Francisco opting for a cheaper alternative to pricey hotels.

With the impact of the fourth industrial revolution and its drive towards more remote work, the focus of strategic face-to-face meetings will become more. While today, you may prefer not to spend 24 hours with your team members, in the future, where you mainly work in a virtual world with your team, you may actually prefer to great unique experiences with your team. This can be done by sharing great moments such as staying all together in a nice penthouse in New York or a beautiful villa in Mallorca.

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