Adding strategic value to your Business Travel Planning

Have you ever done Business Travel Planning? Maybe you have organized a business trip for yourself or you are a travel manager who continuously handles the business travel planning for your colleagues. How do you get the most out of your planning and how can you add a strategic value to your next business trip? Today, we will share some experience on how we plan our next trip.

Business Travel Planning – How to add strategic value to your next trip

With the first quarter of 2018 already being over, it is time to plan our next participation at one of our Top Travel Conference 2018. After our great success at the Business Travel Show in London in February, where we won the Disrupt Award, the TroopTravel team is planning to participate at the ACTE Global Summit in New York end of April 2018.

Bringing a small team to New York and participating at a global conference can be quite a significant investment for a startup. Thus, the question is how can we create additional value for us in this upcoming trip? It all depends on our planning.

Step 1 – Plan ahead

Not a big surprise but the more you can plan ahead the lower the cost for your trip. Flights, hotels and event participation tend to be remarkably cheaper when you plan and book them way ahead of time. We didn’t do a great job on that front for this upcoming trip but we immediately implemented our Strategic Events Data Layer which will be feed into our TroopTravel Strategic Planning Platform. Now, we have all upcoming events where we will be participating mapped out and we can already start our intelligent business travel planning.

Step 2 – Look for opportunities

Coming back to our upcoming trip, what are potential additional values we can create by being in New York, end of April? There are actually plenty of opportunities. Let’s share three of them:

  • LinkedIn Contacts – Do you check your LinkedIn network when you do your business travel planning? The TroopTravel travel team has roughly 40 first level LinkedIn contacts in New York with plenty of them in key strategic areas such as Venture Capital, CEOs and entrepreneurs, and travel industry leaders. Thus, adding our LinkedIn 1st Level contact data layer to our business travel planning platform helps us to create additional value for this trip.
  • Industry Players – Do you use industry data for your business travel planning? TroopTravel operates in the travel space and we have a profound interest in meeting with key players in the industry. There is an interesting industry list created by Travel Weekly about the most powerful travel companies globally. Did you know that out of the Top 60 travel companies, 8 have their headquarters in New York? Those 8 players have a combined turnover of about 30 billion USD! Identifying those players and arranging meeting with them definitely adds an additional value to our upcoming trip.
  • Strategic Relationships – Raising capital is an important topic for many startups. Thus, why not trying to start building relationships to venture capitals when you are traveling? New York hosts 41 venture capital companies which invest in travel startups. Identifying and adding them to our business travel planning adds definitely a value to our upcoming trip.

Step 3 – Pick wisely

Now having all those data points together, they actually influence our hotel selection. Knowing where we have meetings, helps us to pick a hotel in a location which is kind of central to all our local meeting locations. It even influences which airport we are flying to.

How to do create additional value with your business travel planning?

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