Our revolutionary platform makes meeting planning easy for everyone

TROOP uses data-based insights to create a complete
meeting strategy for your hybrid and global team that:

Creates an instant saving
on cost

Increases productivity and engagement

Significantly reduces your CO2 footprint

TROOP is changing the way we plan
and organize meetings. Forever.

Before TROOP

Compromised company policies
Incomplete and insufficient reporting
Over spending on travel budget
Too much time spent on planning
Bad team experience
Complicated decision-making
Uninspired locations


Simple and easy
Highly motivated and engaged team
Information at the push of a button
Data-based decision making
Savings on time and cost

TROOP is the future of effective meeting planning.

hours of travel time saved
on average
million USD saved
on average
tonnes of CO2 emissions saved
on average

Our incredible team

A global community of change-makers

We are a high-growth company based in three locations with a worldwide talented team.

During a time when global travel was transformed, we changed to better serve our clients in the new world of work. Our team has grown by 400% from 2021 to 2022, and we've seen a massive increase in revenue over the last two years. The years ahead will see these numbers increase - it's safe to say we are transforming the travel industry.

We believe in the power of cutting-edge
technology and committed people to change the world.

The way we work, the people we hire, and what we expect of ourselves and each other is the building blocks of our business.

Many companies have values, TROOP has transparency about how we do business; these are our operating principles.



Whether for our team, client, investors or partners, nothing valuable is created without true and proven trust.



We don’t settle for good enough. We push to the utmost excellence.



I am because we are. We find deep, personal meaning in our connection with each other.

Fast and spectacular

Fast and spectacular

The best results at the speed of light. That is the TROOP way.

Humble yet hungry

Humble yet hungry

No matter what we have accomplished, there is still a world of opportunity out there.

Meet our sales team.

Talk to our team to find out why our clients love TROOP.


James Faux



Maria Miranda



Rebecca Craft



Spencer Brace

Head of Growth Strategy

The journey so far

TROOP has accomplished much in a short amount of time, and we are just getting started.

  • 2014

    A gap in the market!

    • Dennis plans an in-person meeting for himself and a friend, and realizes that meeting planning is manual and time-consuming.
  • 2016

    Making the dream work

    • At Global Leadership Conference (GLC) in Bangkok, our co-founders start working on an algorithm to make planning a meeting easier, faster and data-based.
  • 2017

    The start of something new

    • Troop Travel is founded after an Angel Investment Round (with Trivago co-founder Rolf Schroemgens as first investor).
    • Troop Travel participate in Web Summit Alpha Program 2017 in Lisbon
    • Change from a B2C company to a B2B company
  • 2018

    Big wins

    • WINNER: Disrupt Award 2018 | Business Travel Show | London/UK
    • WINNER: Hack the Journey 2018 | Amadeus | Madrid/ES
    • WINNER: Startup Avalanche 2018 | Techsylvania | Cluj/RO
    • WINNER: ACTE Tech Studio 2018 | Paris, France
  • 2019

    A few more wins and a few firsts

    • Troop Travel signs first Fortune 500 customer
    • Troop Travel joins Hangar 51 Accelerator Programme
    • WINNER: Battle of the Pitches 2019 | BCD Travel | Atlanta/USA
    • WINNER: Travel Take Off 2019 | Los Angeles Business Travel Association (LABTA) | Los Angeles, USA
    • WINNER Phocuswright Conference 2019 | Ft. Lauderdale, USA
    • Troop Travel joins Founders Factory Accelerator Programme
  • 2020

    In with the new

    • Troop Travel joins Plug and Play Accelerator Programme | Silicon Valley, USA
    • Troop Travel joins Intelak Accelerator Programme
    • WINNER: Virtual Pitch Night VoyagerHQ 2020 | New York, NY, USA
    • WINNER: Plug and Play Spring Summit 2020 | Silicon Valley, USA
    • Troop Travel rebrands to TROOP
    • TROOP triples customers and revenue in a year with no in-person meetings.
  • 2021

    A for away

    • In Series A, TROOP raises $8 million with only six people on our team.
    • Concur founder becomes chairman of the board.
  • 2022

    The sky's the limit

    • Fortune 500 companies love our product
    • TROOP's first all-team in-person meeting
    • Team grows to 40+
  • 2023

    And beyond

    • Keen to climb on this rocket ship called TROOP?
      Please head over to our Careers page.

TROOP is changing the world
- join the journey

Whether you want to revolutionize meeting planning for your business or join a team that is literally changing the travel landscape, join the TROOP journey today.

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