I saw this post on Facebook the other day about a 75-year long Harvard study about the most important factors in achieving happiness. As you can imagine, it is not about money (as well rich people can be unhappy) it is actually about having good (meaningful) relationships. The Harvard Study says that it is not about the number of relationships/friends, it is about the quality of relationships. With other words, you are not necessarily happier if you have 10,000 followers on Instagram. With 3 really good friends, you can be the happiest person in the world. In the end, you just need people whom you can trust and rely on in good and bad times.

There is an interesting blog post about the Harvard Study here and the relevant YouTube video.

In addition to this study, there was another study on the differences on how men and women keep friendships alive when one moves to a different city:

Men need to meet up face-to-face once in a while to bond over shared activities, while women are able to bridge the physical distance through long phone conversations or continuous Whats App messaging.

An article from the Guardian about this study is here.

Now this is where TroopTravel can help: With the help of TroopTravel you are able to meet with your friends from different locations easier and on a lower budget. So following our last blog post, TroopTravel is empowering people to be happier and healthier by helping them keeping quality relations through frequent face-to-face bounding activities.


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