7 tips for saving money while traveling for business

Saving money is one of the biggest challenges when organizing a business trip. And companies of all sizes need to be financially responsible when it comes to business travel. They need to ensure that business travel is a suitable investment and done in a fiscally conscious way. 

Here are seven tips that can help you save costs on your business travel. Keep reading!

Midweek flights

Whenever possible, try to book flights for mid-week. It’s a fact that flight prices are much lower during the weekAnd that is why it is necessary to avoid, whenever possible, traveling on the most expensive days, which are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Doing this will lower business travel costs.

Plan in advance

It is well known that last minute trips are the most expensive. Companies reward those who plan their flights in advance, and the ideal time frame is to book three months ahead to get the best prices.


This is another top tip. Whenever possible, try to be flexible with dates. If you’re flexible with dates and can move things around, you can often get great deals you wouldn’t otherwise.

Flight costs are based on  public holidays, or if there is any important event in the month. Avoiding peak periods will get a better price on your next flight.

Baggage fees

One of the charges that catch people by surprise is fees for their baggage. This often includes fees for checked bags and fees for excess weight. So, before your next trip, check airline baggage requirements, so you don’t get hit with an unexpected charge.

Budget for all

When planning a trip, it is important that you start with a budget  in mind. In this way, the costs will not get out of hand and you will be able to have control over the costs. This will help set budget expectations right from the start.

Book accommodation in advance

The same budgeting principles apply to booking accommodation. It is always better to plan ahead to get the best deal. It is not the same to wait for the last moment than to do it with time. Many hotels offer deals like a free night for advanced bookings and may offer cheaper room rates.

Plan, plan, plan

And now the best tip: you need to have a tool to have visibility over costs, best travel times, traveller safety and carbon footprint. TROOP gives you all the data you need to make a decision about your next meeting in one easy-to-use space. In this way, decisions are informed and planning that used to  take weeks can be planned in minutes.

Saving money was never easier! Do you want to know more? Visit https://www.trooptravel.com/ 

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