6 tips to help resolve remote work compliance challenges
June 9th, 2022

Remote work compliance is a subject that we don’t talk about much, but that can have consequences for both the employee and the company if they are not dealt with properly. And there are several recommendations that may help employers tackle compliance challenges that come with remote working these days. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

How to get the most out of work collaboration apps

The challenge is guaranteeing that communication is available to all, and everyone participates in essential discussions. And as a manager, you need to orient the workers beforehand to let them understand that communication is key. 

One of the best ways to ensure that communication is standardized is utilizing work collaboration software like MS Teams, Slack or Zoom. This makes inter-company communications convenient and provides various other features helpful as you manage a remote team. 

The value of clear guidelines for benefits

One of the biggest challenges companies have is to define clear lines for the workers’ compensation in a remote working world. 

For example, Identifying work-related injuries can be challenging in a remote setup, which becomes an issue when employees demand or claim their benefits and compensation while working from home. It’s indeed very useful in these scenarios to have strict guidelines on work hours and necessary conditions to ensure work-related claims are legitimate and within the scope of our compensation strategy.

Flexible work hours 

Although it’s true that probably our productivity suffered during the initial phase of setting up a remote-based workplace, at the present we’ve got used to this way of working.

By modifying the timetable and adopting the ‘set your own hours’ policy, companies grant employees the freedom to work during their most productive time. And all they ask from them is to preserve the quality of their work and complete their tasks before deadlines. Doing so enables employers to redeem their productivity while ensuring that employees are happy and satisfied. And you handle compliance challenges as well.

A professional work environment

It can be hard to provide a productive and professional work environment for contractors when nobody is physically around. But it can be solved by ensuring that the contractors are always motivated by setting proper expectations from the get-go. By keeping a good communication channel with contractors, companies are able to solve the problems as they arise.

Ensure time for employee engagements

One of the top remote work compliance challenges among businesses today is disconnection. Asynchronous work and remote meetings limit human interaction, and team members might find it difficult to run into side conversations with others or clarify matters in real-time as they would together in an actual office space. 

That’s why it’s so important to schedule the time and platform for remote team workers to engage in discussions and water cooler conversations to resolve disconnection woes. 

This can definitely boost good working relationships and improve team performance.

Face to face meetings

And of course, ensuring that in person meetings are held when necessary is key. And to achieve this, the best way is to use a tool that provides the greatest amount of information so that the meeting planner can make informed decisions.

Remote work compliance can be challenging, but by using the right tools and following these tips, everything becomes easier!

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