5 tips for stress-free business travel

Business travel doesn’t necessarily need to involve stress and burnout. There are ways to travel stress-free. Do you want to know more? Discover our 5 tips! 

The best itinerary

You don’t have to make a spreadsheet, but at the very least write out ar schedule for each day in your phone’s notes app or even on paper. And walk yourself through each day thinking about logistics. 

Make reservations when possible, check Google Maps to check the distance and time to destination if you need to rent cars … Always include some downtime in your schedule, decompressing a little will help you to stay sharp and motivated during a busy business trip.

Flights to enjoy

Choosing flights with multiple connections and stopovers will not only cost you time but will leave you stressed and tired for the remainder of your business trip? Maximizing your own time and energy (and minimizing travel time) is a worthwhile investment.

And if you want to find the best deals that save you time and money, try TROOP. Not only will you find all the data related to costs and time, but you can also have data related to safety and carbon footprint.

Short trips

It may seem that if we have less time, the stress can be greater, but actually it’s quite the opposite. To make the most of your valuable time, you can plan short but highly efficient business trips. And to make this work, you can organize your days strategically. How? For example, you can schedule meetings for each meal (for example, a breakfast or coffee meeting, a lunch meeting and a dinner networking session). 

This can make business trips extremely productive, and you should still have some time in between to rest, exercise or catch up on other work. 

Accommodations to relax

Staying in uncomfortable accommodation can make your trip a lot less enjoyable and prevent you from getting the rest you need to be on top of your game for the next day’s business activities. 

That is why, it is better to invest in a good accomodation and enjoy all its advantages. Both your physical and mental health will thank you! Obviously, location is essential too, to save time and energy shuffling back and forth.

Try to have a good time, enjoy the trip!

Although you are working, nothing prevents you from enjoying yourself at the same time. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity and explore cities, try out the local cuisine, and learn something new. Do not stay in the hotel, explore your surroundings. You will leave your trip much more fulfilled!

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