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Award-Winning Corporate Group Travel, Meetings & Events Platform

How does your company decide on WHERE to meet? Using opinions or data?

We use Big Data to help travel and event managers to take informed decision when planning and booking any type of corporate group travel, meetings and events. Our technology helps large corporations identifying cost savings, reducing time for planning and increasing accountability.

Learn more about what we do by watching our pitch delivered at the Phocuswright Conference in Ft. Lauderdale in November 2019 which won us the Award for Travel Innovation – Emerging Category 2019.

Our platform helps your Corporate Meetings and Events Programme to…


Identify cost saving potentials of up to 70% of the overall meeting cost through Big Data optimization.


Plan and fulfill any type of group travel, meeting or event of any size within minutes.


Set the specific requirements for your meetings and events planning.


Use data to support decisions around meetings and events planning.

Reducing Carbon Footprint and Cost in Meetings & Events Travel

Read about how we helped reducing the carbon footprint of one meeting by 187t — equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of up to 46 people and cost by being flexible on the meeting destination.


Case Study – Low CO2 Emissions & Cost Friendly

A large energy provider was organizing a meeting with people from their European offices. They were trying to identify the most cost effective and environmental friendly (low CO2 emissions for travel) destination which hosts one of their offices.

The platform compared 8 destinations and showed that Berlin is the cheapest office location to meet at a cost of $6,309 but with 67% higher carbon footprint than Amsterdam which is the CO2 friendliest location. Amsterdam, however, is 26% more expensive than Berlin. Helsinki was identified as the most expensive location $9,517 (+51% more expensive than Berlin) and least CO2 friendliest destination (+100% more CO2 emission than Amsterdam).

With these results, the client was able to take an informed decision on where to have their meeting.

Group Travel, Meeting & Events Planning and Fulfillment

Every meeting or event has different specifications. E.g. a global sales team meeting has different criteria than a 500 people customer conference. Our platform allows the user to completely personalize each analysis based on the their specific requirements.

In addition to the planning, we have created a fulfillment marketplace where the user can compare and procure all relevant corporate meeting and events services through our partner networks. This makes our platform an end-to-end solution for all corporate group travel, meetings & events planning and fulfillment.

Some of the key data points and services we aggregate are:


Access group hotel rates.


Include cost for air travel.


Add your company travel policy.


Analyse total travel time & number of stops.


Compare the carbon footprint of the travel.


Compare the visa requirements.


Compare destination security ratings.


Add office location information.


Compare potential VAT returns.


Include meal caps and per diems.


Reduce potential jet lags.


Add events, public holidays, etc.

A growing number of Fortune 500 companies are using our technology

TroopTravel is helping Fortune 500 companies in optimizing their corporate group travel, meetings and events planning and fulfillment. By combining company specific data, with general location information and travel relevant data we are helping our customers to reduce cost, save time and identify optimization potentials. Organizing complex corporate meetings and events has finally become easy.

“TroopTravel is part of our End-to-End Digital Experience” Global Lead Travel & Meetings, Fortune 100 Company

Meetings & Events planning is extremely complicated.
Thus, decisions are mainly opinion-based.

There are many different data points which influence the decision on WHERE to have a meeting.

MICE planning is complicated

We use Big Data for corporate group travel, meetings & events.

Independently on whether you are flexible on your meeting destination or not, we have built a one-stop-shop where you can plan your travel, meeting or event and fulfill through our partner network.

Global Level Analysis

Global Level Analysis – Take an informed decision on WHERE to meet.

Local Level Analysis

Local Level Analysis – Find and compare all relevant services for your meeting or event.

Arrival and Departure Window Optimizer

Arrival & Departure Window Optimizer – Optimize the arrival and departure times of your group to reduce local transport cost.

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We have received great Global Recognition on what we do.

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