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We optimize ALL meetings and events planning through data-driven technology, unique visualization interface and partnerships.

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Bringing people together to do their best work.

Meetings and events planning have become increasingly complicated.

TROOP enables a scientific, algorithmic and data-driven approach to planning the most effective global meeting and events for your team, saving time and money while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

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We take care of the things you care about most:

Safety, Savings, Sustainability and Service


Mitigate risk

Avoiding all unforeseen negative consequences.

Events and travel planning needs to take all kinds of risks into account. We give you the means to not only mitigate those risks, but also minimize the possibility of any negative consequences, whether in time, cost, travel restrictions or any COVID-related aspects.


Reduce costs

We take everything into account.

Our sophisticated system, based on big-data analysis, takes every granular detail of your meeting into account. We thoroughly analyze locations, flights, employee travel time, security, risks and everything in between.


Reduce carbon footprint

More efficient travel means less harmful environmental impact.

Our system enables you to choose the most eco-friendly meetings and events planning strategy, minimizing your carbon footprint.


A single, centralized hub

Everything you need in one place.

Our centralized data platform is a one-stop location for all your planning needs. From optimizing every single datapoint to risk management to setting you up with the right partners – we connect all the dots.


One of PhocusWire’s
HOT 25 startups for 2021

Phocuswire’s Hot 25 this year is a collection of companies that have survived the onset of the global pandemic and that can, as equally important, thrive in 2021.

Our clients

TROOP is trusted by some of the most progressive Fortune500 companies globally. We have actively assisted corporate planners in all of the following sectors to make more informed decisions when planning and booking any type of business group travel, meetings and events.


Helping innovative technology companies to lead the way.


Assisting big-pharma organisations to meet in the most productive ways.

Fast-moving consumer goods

In a world where speed is of the essence, we deliver quick and outcome-based solutions.

Energy companies

Empowering those who are powering us in their efforts in becoming carbon neutral.


Knowledge professionals benefit greatly from our focused services.

Our awards

We don’t win all the awards, but when we do, we make it count.

Plug and Play Spring Summit 2020


Plug and Play Spring Summit 2020
[Silicon Valley, USA]

Phocuswright Conference 2019


Phocuswright Conference 2019
[Ft. Lauderdale, USA]

BCD Battle of the Pitches 2019


BCD Battle of the Pitches 2019
[Atlanta, USA]

ACTE Tech Studio 2018


ACTE Tech Studio 2018
[Paris, France]

Business Travel Show 2018


Business Travel Show 2018
[London, UK]

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Maximize the journey. Simple, easy and fast.

The TROOP process reintroduces accountability and reduces risk—based on real-world data—into the corporate traveling process.


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Start planning

With the push of a button, you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal to design the most efficient and effective meeting and event strategy.


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Simply select the best meeting option for your needs, book through our vast partner ecosystem and away you go.

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Connect your tribe.

Don’t let unstrategic corporate travel derail your budget, or worse, leave your team disappointed and uninspired.

Trust TROOP to create the ideal environment for your team to do their best work.

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